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Double duty table...Cutting table/ironing table for under $30

First off, my heart goes out to Joplin, MO. My sweet friend lost her parents, and I am heartbroken for her. One can not even begin to fathom the pain.

I've had this idea for a while now, but it wasn't until I entered to win the Bernina's Ultimate sewing room makeover that I actually decided to go ahead and do it. The contest is still going on and I'm in the top 10 (the cut off). I am in shock that I am that far ahead (with over 800 entries!), but its only because I have the best friends in the world! If you are on facebook and would like to vote (I would so appreciate it!!!), you can here

So back to the table. I can not stand how a regular ironing board has the weirdest bottom ever and it does not allow for much storage. And lets be honest, mine is out 24/7. No need to fold that thing up! There has got to be a better way!
Here's a pic of the ugly ironing board bottom

horrifying isn't it? no place to cram anything!
So I knew I needed to figure something out. So I was browsing my favorite building site (Ana fan!) and stumbled across this design:
I don't know what it was that decided I needed to make it right then, but hey, when the itch is there (and hubby is out of town!)--go with it.

First stop--big blue. 30 mins before closing time. with 4 boys. right before bedtime. Disaster, but I walked out of the store with a total cost of $46 (love that military discount!) $46 doesn't add up to under $30 you say-- right! I actually doubled all the pieces because I decided hubby needs an unfinished one for the garage!--with the exception of his project panel

Step 2. Cut all the pieces since you went to big blue right before closing and they weren't in the mood. Use saw for first time and pray you don't cut off a finger since hubby is gone and shoving 4 boys in van with bloody hand would not be fun. Cut enough for just your table since it is 9pm and neighbors might not appreciate said saw!

Step 3: follow directions from Ana's blog ;) Be sure your drill runs out of battery and decide to call it a night.

Step 4: Decide to conquer the day, but treat yourself since you managed to get 3 of 4 kids to school without hubby.
Step 5: Paint island on searing hot day in Texas. Be sure to almost pass out. It was so hot my paint kept crusting over! I used a primer first and then paint I had around the house. Both free! After painting decide hubby's most definitely will remain unfinished!

Step 6: This is what makes the table so unique. I will be honest and tell you mine will probably stay like this all the time, but I love the option of being able to remove the ironing board portion. For times like outdoor parties, large gatherings--it might be nice to have an extra table around. Or for people tight on space, it would be great to have for cutting and ironing. For this reason I decided the ironing board top would be separate. This design calls for 2ftx4ft project panel (I grabbed plywood), but I grabbed an extra (cheaper!) particle board to use for the ironing board.

Step 7: Shove all kids in bed, turn on The Bachelorette and start making it! This is pretty simple. I took an old flannel sheet (free!) and cut it about 5 inches longer on each side, using the board as a pattern. Then I did a layer of batting, another layer of flannel, one more batting, and ended with another layer of flannel. I pulled them all taut and stapled away with my stapler gun!

Step 8: If you are going to use the table for another use, then cut a piece of felt slightly bigger than the top. This allows you to protect it from getting scratches from the staples and board by sandwiching it in between the table and the board!

That's it! For the most part--look for a tutorial this week on how to sew a cover for the square board. I simply laid fabric on it for the pics. You can see how it could be a sewing table or an ironing table! The only downside is that the ironing board is a bit heavy, but I think its well worth it.

As a cutting table:
As an ironing table:
Easy peasy pin cushion! Spray paint 10 cent candlestick from goodwill and hot glue a pincushion right on! (patterns widely available online!)
Lots of storage! Basket of scraps!

A slight bit of my fabric stash--these are neatly folded on cardstock. Also my bin of precuts! Never enough honey buns or jelly rolls! Love this container, another goodwill score!

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