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2012 Home Goals

Doesn't it seem so weird to type 2012? The Nester has inspired me to type out my list of my MAIN goals for this year. I say "main" because there are soooo soooo many, but I will try to be realistic. I'm going to narrow it down to 10, maybe 1 for each month with some leeway?
  1. Finish the boys bathroom....This was the inspiration for the color palate...Pinned Image
Here is the yucky before (builder bathroom anyone?)....
For the most part the bathroom is done ( I just haven't posted after pics!) There are a few things left to do:
  • Add Artwork
  • Replace ugly light above mirror
  • frame out mirror
  • Sand out the spot in the board and batten that is driving me nuts.
2. Make the master bedroom a sanctuary...... Yes please! Something like this:
Pinned Image
3. Organize/Decorate the boys playroom
Pinned Image

The main goal is to make it a playroom that is for older boys since they are growing up so fast! The basic color palate and rules on the pallet art are inspiring for the space. I also picture a lot of wire baskets, wooden milk crates, globes and atlases, fun industrial lighting.

4. Make the storage closet work as a storage closet and not "a shove everything you can squeeze" room. Its good size and has lots of potential of storing extra pantry items, kids memory items, out of season clothes, etc. The builder shelves just aren't set up right.
Here would be a good place to start:
Pinned Image
5. The laundry room--The bane of my existence. Well, sort of. I have 4 boys. Its never ending laundry at my house 24/7. Non stop. Our builder was nice enough to put in cabinets for us. I like having a sorter in there, but I'm hoping to build a built-in laundry basket closet. For now I'll dream about this (notice how there is not one single piece of laundry in this picture!):
Pinned Image

6. Big Boys Room and Little Boys room switch-a-roo
This will take time. A LOT of time. The little boys have the biggest room and they are hardly ever in it. Lets be honest, the little boys are always trying to play in the big boys room. This will be painful as I can't even imagine switching closets and even moving furniture. The big boys want loft beds. We will see if this one comes to fruition.
Pinned Image
7. Playroom Bath. It really just needs a paint job, beadboard and new fixtures. And frame out the mirror. If I was feeling adventurous I would use rustoleum and paint the cabinets. Something peaceful and serene like this please!
Pinned Image
8. The front door....it needs help.
I want something that makes people feel welcome. Right now its just standard blah. It needs a coat of paint and some cute vinyl #'s like this!
Pinned Image

9. The Kitchen/Dining room combo
Our new puppy decided to eat most of the molding off of the wall in the dining room. Which I guess is okay because I didn't like the way our builder did it anyway. I'm hoping to put built-ins around the window, but want to make sure he's done with the chewing phase. The kitchen has a great layout. I wish the cabinets weren't so dark though. I think I've convinced hubby to splurge on new countertops so I'm hoping lighter granite might soften the place up a bit. The doggy also ate most of my dining room table, so I'm on the hunt for another! Here's a lovely kitchen that might make me want to cook dinner every night!
Pinned Image
10. Its a toss up-- reorganize my sewing studio. I cleaned it a while back, but the flow just isn't working for me. I know I desperately need more storage, and to be able to move around in there better.
Pinned Image
I think if I went vertical on storage space that would help. I love this layout, but also adore Sawdust and PaperScrap's craft island.... either way, this would be a very time intensive project.

The other option for #10 would be our living room. I'd love to add more character in the space, sew new slipcovers, get rid of hubby's recliner, and refinish the bookshelves we have in there to make them look like built in's. Sigh. So much to do, so little time! Here is a living room I adore. (but is not practical with 4 boys!) I need to photoshop my husband's big black recliner into it so it feels more like our home! LOL
Pinned Image
Thanks for taking the time to read about my house goals for this year! Here's hoping I get a few things off my list!


  1. Hi-Found you over at Nester's 2012 party and I'm your newest follower-can't wait to see what 2012 brings to all of us-stop over for a visit! Claire

  2. Hello - I found you from the Nester. I am also working on my master bedroom! "following" you

  3. I am visiting from the Nester's Home Party! Those look like wonderful goals. I need to work on a craft room, too! Right now I just have a craft drawer! LOL!


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