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DIY Pottery Barn inspired Boys Bath

BEFORE                                                                                                       AFTERBeforeafterboysbath
Four boys sharing a bathroom. One small towel rack.
 Challenge accepted!

Here is the before:
So lovely isn't it? Well, in all honesty it had good bones. A whimpy towel bar being an exception. This was my inspiration pic, I just loved the colors

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  Obviously Pottery Barn Kids. I wanted the color scheme, but not the cutesy things like cars, pirates, etc. I did want it to be more masculine than say, oh a ruffled shower curtain (which would have been Mommy's first choice!)
Here is a shot of the after:
DSC 5606
 DSC 5605
ahhh…before and after. Well almost. Still a few things missing (i.e., new light fixture, frame mirror, and find bath mats that match!) I have the light fixture, I actually scored it for $3 at a garage sale. But since I'd prefer not to electrocute myself I'm waiting for my daddy to come visit and do the hard work for me! After the light is up I will frame out the mirror.
So lets chat about the details. Obviously I had to follow all the hottest blog land trends, like c̶h̶e̶v̶r̶o̶n̶ board and batten. I followed Centsational Girl's tutorial. I used her's specifically because she addresses putting  the battens up on another board so the textured wall doesn't show up and it is smooth. I had a very handsome man helping me along the way….
IMG 1057
Isn't he just precious? I want to let you know I did this with NO power tools. Yes, I used a hammer and nails. I even used a hand saw on the boards and battens. No fancy nail gun for me (only arthritic hands thank you very much). I'm so glad hubby has ̶N̶O̶T̶ agreed to let me get a nail gun!
So lets get down to the nitty gritty shall we. Some details:
The shower curtain is Pottery Barn Kids (and the biggest splurge $40). I love the colors. The paint is from the Home Depot $30/gal). The knobs and pulls were another splurge($25) and are from Lowes. The shower curtain rod is new ($15-Lowes again). Shower hooks are from Target ($6).  The official builder grade towel hook did not make the reno, and was replaced with this one from the Better Homes and Gardens line at Walmart ($10). The wire bins are from Ikea and in the bath section. They were originally white but I spray painted them with a hammered silver spray so they match ($4 ea., paint on hand). The towels are from TJ Maxx. They are wash cloths as well as bar mops. Yes, seriously. My kids wipe a gallon of toothpaste on each cloth so nothing fancy schmancy in here! The total for the towels was $10.
Moving on…..
The board and batten was the most expensive part of the reno, but also had the most impact. Guesstimating on the price since I had leftovers, but including paint and wood around $75. I added 4 hooks ($5 ea.) so each boy can have a place to hang up their towel. Like that will ever happen! HA! The art work I created using Picnik (cue sobbing noises now) but they are sadly no longer on the world wide web. The photo frame was a serious splurge of TWENTY FIVE cents at a garage sale. I used the same spray paint to change it to the purty brushed nickel. The glass vase is from Ikea, but they are at Hobby Lobby, Joann's etc ($2). They are filled with marbles that have been gifted to our children. I love that they match. The basket is a Longaberger that I had from when I was a consultant years ago.
DSC 5607
The green tray holding the soap dispenser is a dish from Entertaining at Home (that is now combined with Southern Living at Home under a new name?). I had it in my storage closet and it matches. Great for catching all the gobs of soap that doesn't make it on my little boys' hands.
One of my favorite things in the room is the little shelf above the board and batten. I plan on adding more stuff to the wall. Right now it has this really cool star that I picked up for $3 at the Marburger/Round Top/ Warrenton Antique's Festival. (if you have never been you HAVE got to go!!)
DSC 5610
So the breakdown of all the math is $241.25. BUT WAIT---there is more. I actually replaced the toilet seat. That was another $30 and a whole new blog post. Yes, I did just say I was going to blog about a toilet seat. Awesome, huh? I know you can't wait.
So a final look back……The before and after.
What do you think? Should I cause hubby to have a heart attack by painting the cabinets? What color would you pick? Or is adding the hardware enough to customize the builder cabinets?
So that's all folks. For now. Today I'm linking up to Thrifty Decor Chic of It and her awesome linky party just for bathrooms.
Thrifty Decor Chick


  1. Sara - it looks fabulous!! Love the shower curtain - colors are fabulous! And I can't believe you did the board and batten!! Yikes! I want to do that in Vinnie's bathroom, but haven't gotten brave enough yet!!
    And yes, I would probably paint the cabinets - white. I think it would brighten it up even more :)

  2. Thanks Eliesa! Once I get the mirror frame and new light up I'll access the situation. The board and batten was easy, even with no power tools ;) And everyone who sees it LOVES it! You can do it!

  3. Girlfriend!! You have been busy!! Love the look! Perfect for the boys! I HEART board and batten! I'm so jealous! I want to do that soooo bad!! I'm in the same situation with the cabinets. I plan to one day paint mine. Sara, You did a fabulous job! :)

  4. Thanks Lori! You will love the board and batten, and it would look fab in your house! When you get brave enough to do the cabinets, let me know and we can be brave together!

  5. Your boys' bathroom looks great. I love the colors and all the fun accessories. The marbles in the jar are so cute. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

    PS. Your email shows as a no reply blogger. Which basically means if you leave a comment I can not respond to you through email. To change this, go to your blogger dashboard, click "edit user profile", then check "show my email address" and save! Hope you find this helpful.

  6. Thanks Brandy! I didn't realize I had that setting on, I didn't mean too. OOPS! Thanks for helping me out!


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