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How to clean the easy clean "best ever" toilet seat for boys

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I have found the answer to something I know most Moms of boys are asking. Dear Merciful God, How do I clean THIS toilet seat???? I have found the BEST TOILET SEAT FOR BOYS!!!! Yes people, I really went there on my blog.

Best toilet seat easy clean

This seat has so many attributes that I looked high and low for (and cried many times for).
It is:
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Does not leave stains
  • has a whisper soft close
  • It pops off so you can clean those hard to reach areas!!!
The Toilet seat that has me jumping up and down…..drum roll please….

The Bemis Plastic Elongated Toilet Seat with WhisperClose, EasyClean and Change Hinges

Let's talk about how easy it is to Clean

     I have 4 beautiful talented boys. They have wonderful hand eye coordination for doing challenging tasks like riding a scooter at full speed, playing video games, playing the viola, pitching a fast ball---but hitting the toilet with their own stream seems to elude them. I have the philosophy of trying to clean it every time I get a phone call. Then last year, it was as if it didn't matter. I had scrubbed so hard that I was peeling the paint off, which only had the effect of making it appear even dirtier. There were stains that must have come from some bionic super power pee that my boys had that no level of toxic cleaners was going to scrub off. I asked friends. I asked professional cleaners. Everyone just kinda gave me a blank stare. I had one mom suggest furry toilet rugs because you can wash them. I really hope she didn't mean on the toilet seat! 
     Eventually I determined that my boys had destroyed (like 99% of things in my house), the 3 toilet seats in our house. Yep, all 3. Because boys can't pee in the same place over and over. So imagine my surprise when I saw a tiny snippet article in an issue of Family Handyman Magazine on an easy to clean toilet seat! I watched the video online and I was convinced. I switched out the one in the playroom bath immediately with the Bemis toilet seat. I was more than pleased. Any nastiness wipes off with a paper towel like buttah! A few weeks later when I knew it worked (and was even excited to scrub the toilet!), I purchased one for my boys bathroom. You can see my Before/Afters of the DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Bath here.  I purchased another brand for their bathroom, and although they say they offer the same features and it does have some good qualities, I prefer the Bemis seat. It makes my bum happier, what can I say?

     So back to the cleaning, The BEST part of this seat----the thing I love the most----is the easy off option. You just turn those knobs and off that bad boy goes. This is perfect for getting to the critical disgusting areas. And here is what I do:
         After snapping that bad boy off I shove it in a bucket of cleaning solution (I wouldn't suggest anything harsh, I just use something that says it will kill 99% of the gunk going around as well as cooties). I let it soak for about 10 minutes and wipe it with some paper towels. If there is something really lingering around there, you can use an old toothbrush (that you have clearly marked for cleaning and hidden from all the little hands in the house!). Here is a picture of my seat in all its glory.
clean bemis toilet seat
And yes, we've had the seat for almost 1 year now. Still looks like new! I've learned that a plastic seat doesn't seem to absorb their messes the way the wood does. And it has some sort of anti-germ stuff on it, which makes me feel like a good mom (pat myself on the back moment). 

Let's talk about how easy it is to install

The beautiful thing about the toilet seat is that Bemis has their own video that shows you how to install it. Overall, this was an EASY job. I think I only needed a screwdriver (a hazmat suit) and a pair of gloves. The grossness of whatever had been lurking under the seat was revolting, but hey, you can puke right in the toilet. Killing two birds my friends!  The instructions included were clear and to the point. I think it took me around a half hour to get the job done. Here is the video produced by the Bemis company (my new hero!).

A Few Other Reasons I LOVE It…... 

     Whisper soft is no lie! You can not slam this toilet seat. Gone are the heart attack days of my boys slamming/dropping the other one. I want grand babies people! This has an added safety bonus with no slamming. When my guys were little the thought of a toilet seat slamming on their fingers or other unmentionable things made me shudder!
They even have one for potty training kiddos! Check this one out!
potty seat toilet easy clean

Bemis 583slow OOO Next Step Potty Seat

     I'm happy to have people over and proudly let them use my bathrooms. Gone are the days of shame and me running to cover the door screaming "Nnnnoooooo!" in slow motion.
     I've included links to the products I reviewed here. Everyone's toilet seat is different. You may have a round one or an oval or a lime green one. Be sure and grab the right shape. Bemis offers instructions on measuring and figuring out what you need on their website.The one I purchased was

The Bemis Plastic Elongated Toilet Seat with WhisperClose, EasyClean and Change Hinges

***Some fine print details here ladies and gents. I was not paid or given anything in exchange for my opinion by the Bemis company or Family Handyman Magazine. This is a product I bought on my own and fell in love with. I wanted to share my success with all my readers because it is a product I have truly enjoyed and feel has changed our lives for the better. I did however include links to the products on so you could visualize them and also purchase if you so wish. Because I'm an amazon affiliate if you were to purchase said item from the link, I would get a small percentage of the sale. FTC regulations say I have to disclose that, so disclosing I am. If you were to purchase an item, THANK YOU.  There is no pressure to do so and I am glad to just spread the word about a great product!***** This week I'm linking up to
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So go forth my friends and scrub some toilets!



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    1. No one likes cooties. Ask my boys! LOL

  2. LOVE it! Where were these when my boy was young???

    1. I wish I had it years ago. Whatever toilet seat the builder put in was awful. This thing is a dream.

  3. First blog ever to review a toilet seat! I don't have little boys at home any more, but I do have a husband. I think I may need to get one of these.

    1. I didn't want to mention the 5th boys, but ahem...... Yes, works for husbands too ;) Hopefully they aim just a bit better. LOL

  4. Don't forget my biggest concern as the little fellas were learning to use the toilet. When they were just barely old enough to stand and pee I was afraid the lid would fall down and smash the family jewels but the slow closing lid prevents this! Seriously, I would accompany the boys every time they had to go, what a hassle then what a relief!

    1. We did debate on the whisper soft close or not. I have no idea what keeps it from slamming but its awesome. I thought after time it would eventually begin to close faster or begin to slam, but it hasn't. Yes, the family jewels are protected from the toilet seat. Flying baseballs and light saber fights not so much.

  5. Bwahahahaha! FINALLY! Someone heard my cries for help!

    1. We were yelling in unison!!! I feel your pain Kerry. Worth.every.penny.

  6. Ha! I am returning the follow. Thanks for stopping by!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  7. Thanks Julie! I figure Moms need all the help they can get, even in the toilet seat dept.

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  9. I believe that home made toilet cleaner is good, just because it is ecologic and more safe, but I still think that professional cleaners are the best ones, just because they not only cleans, but also destroys bacterias and so on.


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