Look honey, FREE Wood. And other random things my husband has found in my minivan. - Major Hoff Takes A Wife

Look honey, FREE Wood. And other random things my husband has found in my minivan.

So yesterday I come home from the grocery store and my husband puts on his shoes to do the gentlemanly thing  (unload groceries). I wanted to block the door, scream NO!!!!!, anything but let him go out there. But I was a good wife and merely went to the kitchen and started unloading the bags. Every time he brought bags in he stared at me. I could feel his eyes staring me down. No comments yet. Then finally on the last load he says, "what exactly is that you have in your van??".  BUSTED.


"Oh That??? That's nothing. Don't worry about it. I've got it covered!". The stares continue. This is what was left in my van after the groceries were out. 



Man! My minivan can really cram it in.  So how exactly does one end up with a bunch of wood planks (complete with nails) in the back of one's minivan? Well….They get there after you take them from the side of the road where they were waiting for the Bulk Garbage Man to take them away. So I rescued them. Sort of. 


See, my friend had to move away (insert sobbing here). She and her husband are now several hours away, but have come in on the weekend to do some work around the house since its now on the market. I am helping them out with painting, etc. They had put the wood up on the wall in the youngest boy's room and had to take it down to make the house more neutral for perspective buyers.  When I stopped by their house to do another coat of paint it was sitting by the side of the road. I did wait until after I texted her and had permission before throwing it in the van as fast as I could. Our text messages went something like this.

Me: OMG!!! Are you throwing out all that wood that was on M2's walls?????? 

Her: Yes, do you want it????

Me: Yes! Loading up now! THANKS!

Her: Hubby says watch for nails!

Me: No worries, I had a tetanus shot! 

*****Note to self. Get tetanus shot! You are not up to date!*****

I managed to get all the nails out today and now I have a serious pile of wood to work with. I'm dreaming of projects. Which I need to actually put into action soon, because I think hubby is going to scream if I try to shove 1 more project into the garage. 

Here are pics of my pile:





So what would you make with it? And have you ever salvaged wood from the side of the road?? Has your husband found hidden gems in your vehicle?  Do tell!!!!!




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