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The best study sites and apps for you or your little student

Must have back to school Apps & Study Sites for students. Advice from an older adult college student and mom of 4 students.

     So in my last post I mentioned that I had gone back to school. I was debating on applying for nursing school and only had about 3 prereq's left. So last semester I took a 300 level psych class, microbiology and Anatomy and Physiology 2. I'd like to tell you I had the best prof's in the world and that I didn't need supplementation, but I did. Thankfully I remembered a lot of sites that my children used and was able to find almost all the info I needed. Sometimes seeing it in a condensed youtube video over 3-5 minutes is easier than relistening to an hour long lecture.
My #1 Tip
Google is your friend
    So is that search bar in youtube. The more specific you get the better your hits will be. So if the subject you are studying isn't on one of the sites I'm listing, you will be able to find it this way.

1. My first site is one of our family favorites. My older boys watch a lot of his videos during the summer to keep their brains fresh. He's easy to listen to and is very detailed. So my #1 pick is Kahn Academy.
Screenshot large khan
2. My second choice is for more visual learners. For some reason, being able to draw out the charts or images really helps me with recall. Plus he has a very pleasing voice (hello attractive accent!). So kudos to HandWrittenTutorials, a sharpie has never looked so good!


3. My third choice is Crash Course. This youtube channel has almost every subject under the sun, with a bunch of humor thrown in. Sometimes having a joke can really make a difference in whether or not you are able to recall the info. My jr high son's biology teacher uses these in her class, and the kids find it a very approachable teaching method.

4. Interactive Biology. This site is more science based, but I absolutely can not leave this guy out. He has helped a lot. He is more science based, and has been a lifesaver for me. I see he is actually a high school teacher---I really wish he was mine! Special thanks to my friend Jacyln who told me about his site!

          Now onto Apps……There are a TON of study apps out there. And I know I did not go anywhere near testing them all. However, these are the 2 that I absolutely positively could not live with out.
     Quizlet This app is handy to have on your phone because it is basically virtual flashcards. You don't have to carry a ton of index cards around anymore! I used the website more than the app on my phone. You create your own flashcards. It is genius because it will make "tests" and has all kind of interactive methods to get you to learn your cards. Also, my hand did not go numb from writing all the cards! I was able to copy and paste vocabulary terms directly from the online version of my textbook. You can also form "classes", so my micro lab group would split who did what chapter, which cut our work by 1/3! Whoop for teamwork! You can also search their database. Chances are someone has created a set you need!

Audiomemos   Make sure you ask for permission before recording anything! My micro teacher was gracious and generous and allowed us to record lectures. This was one of the best things ever. I tried to use the default recorder on my iPhone, but it tended to get more static and it was a bit limited in its capabilities. So I decided to give this app a whirl. I am so glad I did. There are adjustments to cut out background noise, but the best part for me was an add on that allowed me to listen at faster speeds. On a test day, I could listen to almost a whole lecture in double speed and get the whole thing almost done by the time my commute was done. SCORE! Having the ability to just speed through, refresh my memory, and slow down on stuff I had forgotten and didn't understand was worth every single penny.

So that's my wrap up. These are all apps/websites I used on my own and had success with. No one has sponsored me or asked for my opinion. These are the same apps and websites that I continually shared and encouraged my classmates to use as they were personally tested and approved of by me--for whatever that is worth! I'm sure there are more out there that are very helpful. If you have an app or website that you have had great success with I would love if you leave a note in the comments section! Good luck to everyone on final exams and their classes!

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