What Fell Off My BookShelf Week 1 - Major Hoff Takes A Wife

What Fell Off My BookShelf Week 1

I decided to start a summer series titled: What Fell Off My Bookshelf. I'm going to highlight the book I read that week. Hopefully I will read at least one week a book. I absolutely love to read and was blessed with speed reading capabilities. I know summer is the time when most people catch up on books, so I think this will be a prime place to review and recommend books (or maybe even not recommend). 

My kiddos have been out of school one week and I've managed to read a book! Score! So first up is Elizabeth the First Wife by Lian Dolan.


I have been an avid Satellite Sisters / Chaos Chronicles podcast listener for several years. I adore the sisters and Lian relaying her stories as a mom of boys always reaches home with me. I think reading this book was a bit easier because I had Lian's voice in my head and after several years of listening to her, I felt I had a familiar narrator reading for me! 

The book has a nice plot. Girl is stuck in a rut. Girl has family that likes to dig her about said rut. Girl has ex come back into her life. Girl gets canoodled into working with said Ex. Sparks fly. And then Lian throws in Shakespeare. I have never seen a twist on Shakespeare like this---but I absolutely loved it. She had me ---ALMOST---wanting to pick up some of the Bard's works of art. I think I took 4 total semesters of Brit Lit and I don't remember any of it relating to Shakespeare. The research must have been exhausting for Lian, but it is really well done. I feel like I know Shakespeare much better now (enough to maybe follow a dinner conversation). I love that Lian has managed to capture cities in both Oregon and California. The plot was easy to follow and enjoyable. It was a light read and would be perfect to pack to read on a vacation or a rainy day, or at a Starbucks when you need a few hours to decompress. Lian has a fabulous sense of humor and it comes through in her writing. Her characters are real and relatable, and Lian's love of family (and their disfunction) shows through in every chapter. If you have ever listened to one of their podcasts or the old radio show, you will instantly feel connected to the Dolan Family. Seeing her dedication to both her parents (who she lost this past year) brought tears to my eyes. I am now eagerly awaiting a third novel from Lian (be sure you catch her first-- Helen of Pasadena).


But until the third book happens, I will certainly continue to listen to the Chaos Chronicles and Satellite Sisters. 


So what are you reading? Do you have any friends who have written a book and provided a personal narrator voice in your head? Share some ideas for other books to conquer over the summer, or thoughts on either one of Lian's books in my comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great week and happy reading everyone!

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