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Easy decorating pack for your purse

I've been busy busy busy working on projects around the house, but haven't spent much time blogging them. Hopefully soon. Right now I'm in the middle of redoing our little guys' room and our back patio. I used to have a major decorating dilemma. When out shopping for past room redo's,  I'd think i'd found the right color, only to come home and figure out the towel was the wrong green. Like, way way way wrong green. What appeared pastel at the store suddenly became neon next to our shower curtain or rugs. LOL. So I came up with a way to solve this problem. A design board would be too chunky. I simply take a key ring now and add on coordinating paint swatches (I've been known to take a towel in to match the chip). I also then have the room paint chips, as well as swatches of any fabric I may be using in the room. So easy peasy, and less bulky. My sweet friend Lindsay over at MakelyHome.com gave out these darling little tape measure with her business cards and so I attached this handy little thing on there too. On the back of the main wall color chip I have basic measurements for the room noted. Hope this helps someone else out-it has been a lifesaver for me. 


Hope you are all having a great week!

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  1. Great idea! It's good to carry this all the time. You never know when you'll find something on sale. I always carry a small tape measure on my key chain. I whipped it out in Home Depot the other day for hubby to measure something. He thought it was hilarious, because it was so short.


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