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Personalize your house with decals

I'm so excited to be a part of the "Me and My Peeps Blog Hop"!
I received my goodies earlier in this month and have had so much fun creating.
One of the best part of the decals--They don't require hardly any work, but add so much to a project.
I managed to personalize 2 things fairly easy around the house for the boys.
The first was my son Luke's chalkboard. I purchased this at the Queen Bee Market at SNAP! for a few bucks. It's simply hung by command strips! Love them!
I went ahead and used the tall lanky peep boy cause that fits him to a T! Put him on a skateboard and we were good to go.
LukeChalkboardpeeps WEB
Our little artist Sammy loves to draw and has a large collection of ink pens. I purchased a small crate from Michaels for $1.99 and painted it with a mixture of orange acrylic paint and water. After drying I added a little boy peep in the corner with a soccer ball. Sammy loves it! So easy and such a perfect way to personalize an item.
SammyCratepeeps WEB
With 4 boys that seem to share a lot of items it's always nice to make something "Their own". I recommend "Me and My Peeps" Decals designed by Laura Kelly  to everyone! They are manufactured by Plaid Enterprises and can be found at A.C. Moore!
Come back tomorrow to see what I did with the ribbons and buttons I received in the package. Here's a sneak peak:

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  1. SO much fun and so fabulous for BOYS! I love these. Thanks for sharing your creativity and great ideas.

  2. Thanks Laura, the boys Love them!

  3. I love the chalkboard sign for a child's bedroom!

  4. She's got such a cutie bootie with those ribbons. The speech bubble and box are great ideas!

  5. Love to see the personalized projects for boys. Cute ideas to give them something of their own.


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