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Shopping at the Pottery Barn outlet. Oh the things you can find!


So right after the Haven meet up in Austin, I stopped at one of my favorite places on earth (okay, I may have driven an hour out of my way). I swear the Pottery Barn outlet has magic powers that lure me to come inside. I scored lots of deals that day, so I thought I would share them with you, and show you the types of items you can find. 

First off, if you are actively looking for something, the odds are you won't find it. LOL. Karma works that way. Different departments are on sale during different times of the month. If you are looking for furniture or bedding, call ahead and ask what the sales are. Be prepared to sort, and sort and sort. Furniture is sometimes on a scratch  & dent basis  (usually what you see assembled), but sometimes they may be brand new in box if they were returns or discontinued items. These boxes can be stacked and somewhat hidden, so be prepared to read the box labels over and over again. (This pays off--I scored 2 brand new bookshelves for $20 each.) I wish I could have somehow managed to convince the hubs we needed all 4.

When I went last time I scored a ton of bedding. A silk quilt for a queen size bed, 2 queen duvet covers, and 2 knit pillow shams. For under $100. We are talking Pottery Barn here people! The quilt had original been over $300. I also fell in love with this scratch and dent desk. It retails in the catalog for $499 (without tax and shipping.)

Here is a picture of the catalog pic, and then one of the one I found on the floor

pottery barn desk blue

Yes, I took a screen shot to text my mom

My find:

pb desk secretary

The desk had been marked down to below $150. Why? Well, there were marks on the back (who looks at the back?), one corner was scruffed up a bit, and the slide out keyboard drawer didn't have the drawer connected and the screws for sliding it out were stripped so there were no screws there. No worries here! I told the worker to put a SOLD sign on that baby! Once I got home I got to making the desk good as new. 

The first step---Ooops! Someone at the store had put the legs on backwards (see how the cross bar is in the front?), so I swapped those out.

pottery barn fix desk

Then I got to work fixing the sliding tray. This turned out to be an easy solution. I used---wait for it-----bigger screws. Seriously, that solved the problem of the holes being too big. 

I then attached the keyboard tray. Go figure, nothing wrong with it, just missing screws.


The hardest part was deciding where to put this lovely lady in my house.

The other score I got that day was this awesome 3 person outdoor sofa. Yes. I crammed this in my minivan

PB sofa outdoor bench pottery barn

see proof here:

Carloaded web

It was like a giant game of tetris going on in my minivan. The sofa has been discontinued and is no longer available. I scored it for less than $70. Seriously.  The cushions that go with it were calling my name, but my checking account told me otherwise. In the end I'm glad because by sewing cushions myself,   I can easily choose fabric to match our other outdoor items. 

When I checked out the friendly cashier also gave me a 10% military discount which is always appreciated. 

It was a fabulous way to spend an afternoon, and I have lots of new items in my house that make me smile. Here's a quick instagram shot of my pretty desk.


Do you already follow me on instagram? If not, I post a lot of behind the scenes pics. Mainly stuff as the day goes by that I don't end up having the time to blog about. So if you are looking for sneak peeks you can follow me here: MrsMajorHoff on Instagram 

So tell me, what would be your ultimate score at the Pottery Barn Outlet?

Hope you all are having a fabulous week! I'm headed off to the big DIY bloggers conference (HAVEN!) in Atlanta this week, and I just got back from Alaska. Link up with me on instagram if you want the scoop!

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