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Barnwood Candle Holder Tutorial

Can you believe this??? My friend just happened to find this fabulous chippy painted barn wood when she was out strolling through a pasture. Okay, so she is a veterinarian, and maybe is out in pastures more than the rest of us--but holy smokes! What a score! She actually found several. Some are flat boards that will be turned into picture frames. This one, well, it was a bit odd since it was thicker than the rest. She asked me if I had any ideas and let me go to town. What do you think? What would you have created?

In case you find some awesome barnwood laying around, I've included a tutorial. Of course you could just paint a 2x4 with some of Miss Mustards Seeds paint as well! 
The first thing I did was the most heartbreaking part. In order to fit her small breakfast table, I had to cut the ends of the piece. This was so sad because each end had a peg end. I really wish I could have saved that detail!
Peg end barnwood
Miter cut barnwood
Once that was done, I got busy drilling out 4 of those 6 holes -I left 2 so that some original parts of the board could remain intact. To do this, I use what I call a spade bit. I'm not sure of the technical name. I'm probably wrong on the name, so I've included a picture so you know what drill bit I'm talking about. 
Spade bit drill bit
You can see the Frog tape that I have wrapped on it. That was so I wouldn't drill too deep. Didn't want to go right through the board! This part does take patience. Wood can be finicky. 
Upcycled wood before
This is what it looks like after drilling all 4 holes.
Tablescape barnwood
I also coated the entire thing with a layer of Minwax Paste wax. I let it dry throughly.
I then just popped in some candles that I purchased at Dollar General. 6 for $1 baby!
Pasture wood glow
Pasture wood candles
Candles blue chip paint
Candle chippy paint
Look at how awesome that chippy layered paint is!!!!
Barnwood candleholder
Barnwood table setting
I think the hardest part of this project will be giving it back to its original owner!
What projects are you working on? Have you ever made something for a friend and had trouble returning it?
***Disclaimer*** Please Please Please never leave a flame unattended. Yes, the material is made of wood, so yes, under the right conditions it could possibly catch on fire. I've seen these sold for years at the Round Top antique festival. Most of the candles burn down. It would be best to continually use new candles and to keep the wick far away from the wood. Please note I will not be held liable should something extreme happen in your case. Sorry for the little notice. I'm sure you are all responsible adults who would never leave a candle burning alone. 


  1. I love it and all it's fabulous chippiness! :)

  2. Thanks Deneen! I am in love with it's chippiness too! Have you had luck creating this look?

  3. LOVE the finish! Great combo of colors and chippiness. I'm your newest follower.

  4. I love it, Sara! It is perfectly chippy :)

    1. Perfectly chippy. Perfect way to describe it! Thanks friend!

  5. So how do you keep the wood from burning? It does look great - and would even look good charred!

    1. Karen, I thought about that and went ahead and put a disclaimer on the post. As with all candles, one must use extreme caution and never leave a flame unattended. I recommend fresh candles and constant supervision.

      Charred--that would look neat! (only if done intentionally of course!)

  6. You go girl! Look at you using those power tools! Great idea to use and enjoy that wood with such personality!

    1. Thanks Miss Kitty! One can't even begin to fathom why someone put that awesome wood in the pasture in the first place, huh? LOL

  7. Love. I have wanted one of these. Now I know how to do my own. Yay! Found you on the Maven link up. Visit me at denisedesigned.

  8. This is so cute! Also, I love the use of power tools. Always.

  9. Okay. Time to go strolling through some pastures! That is a really great piece of wood--I wish you hadn't had to cut the knobs off of the ends, too!!! ( know you're a DIY-er when that kind of statement comes out of your mouth...) I'm glad you showed the picture of the drill bit, too. A drill is the ONE tool I have, so I'm trying to find creative ways to use it! :)

  10. Absolutely adore this! My husband has used fence board wood all over our house but I'm lovin' this barn wood. Definitely sending a link to him! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Cute cute cute!! Love this chippy colors on there, and your tape tip for the drill bit is brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. You could have made the holes slightly larger and included a glass candle holder. this would minimize the fire hazard and allow for easy removal/replacement of candles...


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