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Fall Acorns, Leaves & Burlap Wreath Tutorial


I love a Fall wreath
Fall acorn wreath tutorial
It almost makes me think fall is really here. In Texas. When we are still in triple digits.

Front door fall wreath
I really love a fall wreath that will get me through September to Thanksgiving.
Leaves on door
I created this one and thought I would share the tutorial for it. Best of all….It's Easy Peasy. So Simple to make. 

Here are the supplies I used for this project:
I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby, but you should be able to find them at your local craft store

Fall wreath supplies
You will need:
-A grapevine wreath
-2 bunches of grapevine wire
-1 roll of 5-6 inch burlap ribbon in a neutral color
-1 roll of 3-4 inch burlap ribbon in a color (I used green, but brown and green are both shown)
- a couple stems of fall leaves
-3 wooden leaf shapes
-paint to paint the wooden leaves (or you can leave natural)
-1 large wooden acorn
2 small wooden acorns
-colored & neutral twine


For this step, you will simply wind one package of grapevine wire around the wreath.
I did this at an angle, sort of like you are making the letter X going on direction.
Take the second package and wind the other way, the direction of the rest of the letter X
I did this to add texture to my wreath, but you could leave your wreath as a plain grapevine wreath
Grapevine wreath


Attaching the burlap. First, cut enough of the neutral color to wind around the bottom of your wreath in the center.
Imagine you are "wrapping the wreath". When it is covered you can attach it with wreath wire. I simply cut lengths
that I twisted to a bobby pin shape and stuck through the burlap and wreath that way. Repeat for the middle top.
For the Top ribbon and bottom ribbon, you are going to want to cut a size that will fit your door. I'm sure everyone's 
measurements will be different. For the bottom ribbon, I "hung" it over the middle of the bottom of the wreath, in 
line with the burlap ribbon and simply looped it around and tied it. You can see that in the photo below:
Wreath bottom tie
For the top I also "hung" it in the middle of the top Instead of looping it, I used twine and bunched it. 
I wrapped the twine around and around several times and then tied off. I did it this way because the twine at the top
is what will hook onto the hook we use on the door.
Fall wreath top tie


The Wooden Leaves:
You can leave the natural or you can paint them. I washed mine with a mix of yellow/green/orange/water paint
I smudged it with a paper towel, and then coated with an instant aging glaze that I also wiped off.
Then, using a colorful twine, simply tie the leaves together at the stems, in a chain.
Acorns and leaves


For the acorns, tie them individually on a length of twine each. 
For the leaves, I cut each off the bunch and left a stem. I then grouped them into 3 different groups.
I tied each group on a chain like the wooden leaves, and had 3 individual chains.
Fall leaves


I was able to hang the two smaller acorns and 2 of the leaf chains on the grapevine outside of the burlap, 
to help spread it out. The large acorn and long leaf chain I attached with wreath wire in the middle of the burlap.
I then attached the wooden strand of leaves in the middle of the back, had it "fall" over like a waterfall, and
the wooden leaf covered up the acorn and leaf strands.
Best fall wreath pretty leaves

Now for the fun part! Hanging it up!
I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of wreath hangers. They never put the wreath
where I would like it to fall. And the OCD in me wants the Texas Star on our door to be "framed"
I found the best solution!!
Command hooks by 3M. They are cheap, easy to put on, and easy to remove (i.e., they won't hurt your door!)
Commandstripswreath hanger  Top tie autumn wreath burlap twine

I simply attached it where it needed to go, and hooked the twine at the top ribbon on it and the wreath is sturdy as can be.
It's been on for a week, and I have 4 professional door slammers, and the wreath hasn't budged!
Here are some more photos of the wreath:
Easy fall wreath tutorial
Fall door wreath with lantern
Fall leaves up close
Full door fall wreath
Hopefully I've inspired you to create something special for Fall. 
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Hope you join us! And I hope that you have a very happy, blessed, fun filled Fall!

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  1. Love the dangles! The wooden acorns are so fun, and I like the colorful leaves too! xoxo

    1. Thanks janis! I wanted something different, and something that would cover a good portion of the door!

  2. This is so unique! I love how you let everything hang. I need to get my fall ON!! :)

  3. Super cute! You did a great job. I'd love if you'd link up to The DIYers! http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-diyers-28.html

  4. Great wreath, Mrs. Hoff! It is so unique with the waterfall effect of the Fall items at the bottom. Thanks for the great tip about using the Command hooks to get the wreath to "be" exactly where you want it on a door. Thanks for hosting the link party for us too! Oh, and one more thing...BEAT BAMA this weekend.

  5. I love this! I have been sprucing my home for fall, too... and I live in Texas, too. I feel your pain! I've been drinking hot, spiced tea at night, pretending that it's cool enough outside to enjoy it. I'm ready for the heat to go away!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Love this wreath! It looks great. Acorns are such a fall favorite of mine :)

  7. I LOVE your wreath - I am all about acorns right now. I would be super thrilled if you hopped over to share this at our fall DIY challenge -shown on five blogs. It is live right now at the happy housie . And we have other fun fall projects ahead!!

  8. That's SO pretty!

    Thanks for linking up with the Caffeinated Crafters!!


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