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London Ironwork Scroll Patterns ---Inspiration Files


I love to travel and I love the inspiration it brings. My husband laughs at me because I'm constantly taking pictures of random things, like ironwork. The designs are fabulous and I can get so many ideas from them! I can easily see them as quilting motifs, appliqué designs, templates for designs on walls or rugs…….the list goes on! Since I find them so inspiring, I thought you might as well. Today's post consists of things ironwork we discovered as we spent an afternoon perusing London. Enjoy!
Loved the trio hanging from the arches

 a closeup of one of the trios. Love the tulip, and flowers, and the leaves.

Hello Cute Blue Door! Loved the lights built into the gate
Doesn't it look like Hugh Grant should walk out that door?

A gate along a building. I loved the window box planters on the fence!

An upscale shopping store. Great for hunting clothes, but I preferred the gate like set of scrolls above the sign

Wouldn't you like this little balcony? So simple, yet so elegant.  

The Ritz was bold--all their ironwork is blue. So chic!

No trip to London is complete without Buckingham Palace. They got into the ironwork--it's everywhere! Gilded as well!

A close up of the Buckingham Palace Gate

Hope this has inspired you in some way! Please let me know if it does! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh this post made me laugh - on my first trip to Paris I took over 200 photos of JUST wrought iron - and those were the days when you had to have photos developped LMHO -
    These are just gorgeous - off to pin!

  2. Thanks Susan, for supporting my habit. LOL. I will have a post in a few weeks of Paris as well. I can't imagine doing it with "real" film! It's amazing though, just when you think you've gotten your fill, you turn a corner and there is a ton more!

  3. Oh I LOVE this!!! I too simply love to look at architecture and scrollwork. The white stone contrasts so beautifully with the black wrought iron that's all over London. I fell in love with that city. Can't wait to see the Paris pics too! It's a beauty as well! We will def need to take a trip together with our cameras!!! xoxo

  4. This brought back a lot of memories! Thank you for sharing! Made me remember our trip to Paris and London 2 years ago and makes me want to plan another trip tomorrow!! Great pictures too.

  5. Your photos are so inspiring! I have never been to London so your blog post was just great for me to enjoy seeing. I especially liked seeing the iron work with gilding at Buckingham Palace.


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