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Round Top Antique Festival Round Up

So many of you have asked me questions about the Round Top/ Marburger Farm Antique show. There is no way to really describe it. Heaven on Earth. I often put "the most wonderful time of the year" as my Facebook status. 
I've enjoyed going with friends, alone, and with my kiddos. This last fall I was only able to attend one day, but we stuffed it full!
Here are some highlights from that day (Be sure to check back later---as I have a whole post devoted to my favorite booth there!)
The first thing is trying to explain to people how it is literally field after field of tents full of goodies. For miles and miles. It's amazing!
Here is a pic of what it looks like:
Fields of tents
Now just picture that times a thousand! There is no way to do it in one day, or even a weekend. I have areas that I frequent and try to go to at least one new area every year. 
There is furniture galore at Round Top. Finished or unfinished, at every price point imaginable!

Turquiose dresser
Loved this turquoise dresser. So pretty. The black glaze just adds that nice touch.
These are taken at the High Cotton booth, owned by Joe and Shelly Tucker. They graciously allowed me to take pics of their booth.
High Cotton Booth
I'm a sucker for a white buffet and hutch. 
Green Apple Dresser
This green apple dresser is too cool! I love the details!

Industrial is still all the rage, so you will find metal letters everywhere. Here are some giant letters that had great colors!
Giant metal letters
This booth made a nice wooden wall hanging by illuminating the big letters
Illuminated letters
This industrial filing cabinet made me swoon. I would have LOVED to have had this for the boys room. It was sold though, and most likely over $1k. Too pricey for my budget!
Metal filing cabinet Industrial
Ready for a break in between shopping? You must get fudge at the Round Top General Store. It is amazing. I love their carmel fudge. They even have jalapeño fudge! Only in Texas!
Best Fudge Store
You'll see the local police and county sheriff's patrolling foot traffic, security and the traffic jams. You will see them on their trusty steeds. I love their little reflective belts on their legs! Safety first peeps!
Round Top Police
You can find anything at Round Top, especially taxidermy. I've seen stuffed bears, lions, even a kangaroo! Not everything is finished. This year I found this booth that was selling Table Legs and other building supplies. I was able to get 4 of the table legs. 
Spindle legs pillars building supplies
They were located around Zapp Hall. I love the Zapp Hall sign, original pallet art!
Zapp Hall pallet sign
I found this booth in another area, but the booth owner never came out. This was in an area of imports. My guess was English/France/German imports. I fell in love with many of their pieces. Love this chunky bookshelf. 
Large chunky bookcase
Here is an up close pic of the details. The paint job was to die for, and bead board inside. SWOON.  
Bookcase closeup
They also had this fabulous buffet with open hutch. Too beautiful! 
Gorgeous buffet with open slat hutch
Close up on the hutch: (and yes, everything is dusty!!!---we are in the fields!!!!)
Round Top buffet top hutch
One last pic! I just loved this little ceramic Boston Terrier piece on the bookshelf. It wasn't priced, and the owner never came by. Other knickknacks were upwards of $1k, so again, probably not in my budget!
Boston bookshelf decor
So what do you think? Want to go antique'ing with me? I guarantee I will walk your legs off! 

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  1. I love antiques fairs (really.. I'm more of a fan of "flea market" types.. where stuff is really cheap.. not high end antiques!)

    Anyhoo.. I always browse and have to constantly remind myself "we really don't have room for that" since I would want to take EVERYTHING home with me. Well.. except taxidermy. I don't think I'm knocking myself out to take that home. HAHAHAHA..


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