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Take a peek at my favorite booth at the Round Top / Marburger Farms Antique Show

I'd love to introduce you to one of my favorite Round Top peeps---Charlie C. 

He's been at the show for more years than most. You can find him behind the Hillcrest Inn in Warrington, Texas. 
Go early, because pickin's are slim on his last day. He's been known to drive home empty handed.
This was the first piece of Charlie's that I saw that I fell in love with.
Painted buffet curved drawers
This was in the Spring a few years back. Charlie offered me a steal of a price, and I didn't buy it. I didn't think hubs would appreciate such a purchase without approval.The color on here is off (stupid iPhone). The color was a nice grayish white with blue/grey accents.  I kicked myself for months for not purchasing it. The thing with Charlie--if you see something of his you like, buy it on the spot. Nothing sits in his booth for long. And he never brings back repeats. So expect new pieces every spring and fall.
Here was another dresser that he had this year. I loved the two tones of paint. Very classy. chic. 
Grey dresser white trim
He certainly knows what he is doing. He has a very pleasant attitude and loves to talk with his customers. You truly feel like you've made a friend after leaving his booth. In fact, my kids know who he is because he's been known to keep popsicles in a fridge in the back of his booth. 
Smoking stand for cigars
This was a little smoking stand that I really really really wanted to bring home this year. I honestly just didn't have a place to put it. The price on this piece was FAB! 
I think that is one of the things I like most about Charlie--his prices are beyond fair. You see so many dealers with crazy prices at the event, that when you meet someone who can appeal to the greater mass of shoppers, it is a breath of fresh air. He likes to bargain too, and never makes you feel like your fighting a battle. He may not take your price, but he'll make you feel good even if he says no. 
I loved this dresser, but again, it did not go with my bedroom style (I just need a bigger house, huh? LOL). Ignore my son's fancy modeling in the mirror. Instead, look at the corner details of the mirror--swoon! The curved drawers, The bottom legs. Oh my!
Black dresser red accents
Here is a close up of one of the drawers so you can see his craftsmanship:
Drawer close up black dresser red accents
Charlie takes his time, and doesn't just paint over hardware. He picks pieces of great quality, sure to be sturdy and in great condition. 
This piece had an awesome drawer in it, with built in dividers:
Built in drawer organizers
How great is that??? They don't make them like that any more (or at least in my price range!).
So next time you are at the Antique show, be sure to stop by and meet Charlie. He's the tall guy with the big smile and cowboy hat (behind the Hillcrest Inn!). If you are interested in more info (he is located in Texas, around the DFW area), I'd be happy to let him know, just shoot me an email.
In case you missed my previous post explaining what Round Top is, you can find it here: 
Be sure and leave a comment telling me about your favorite antique show or flea market--or even the best find you've ever found! 
Have a great weekend!

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