2013 Christmas Mantel. Peace on Earth, Stars, and Mercury Glass - Major Hoff Takes A Wife

2013 Christmas Mantel. Peace on Earth, Stars, and Mercury Glass

This will just be a very pic heavy post, so beware!  It's also very hard to take pictures at night.!!!! I'm so excited to be sharing this as part of the "Everything Christmas Tour". There are so many talented ladies, you won't want to miss it!

Full fireplace

I will also be back on Thursday to showcase my home tour--so stay tuned!
For now, here is my Christmas Mantel!
It's hard to take a full fireplace shot! Here you can see, we have a basic red fireplace that has a brick bench at the bottom. On the top I have a Cherry Wood mirror that my husband has had for years. The theme for this year was Mercury glass, birch bark stars and only whites, silver and gold colors. 
Full mantel hurricanes mercury glass
Here is a shot of the top mantle. I have hurricanes flanking each end. 
Fireplace below Stars white snow
The bottom bench. I have placed the birch bark stars here, along with candle holders and a few more mercury glass pieces. Our fireplace is rather ugly, and so a few years ago I picked up this screen that holds candles on top. Fantastic when the power goes out!
Birch Bark Star with Mercury glass
Close up of a mercury glass candle holder, candle stick, evergreens and birch bark star.
Mante Peace on Earth birch stars
The nativity scene is a design from Lori Whitlock. It was cut on my cricut. It is regular scrapbook paper that I used spray basting to have it stick to the mirror (i.e., be removable). Above is a glittery silver/gold card stock sign that says "Peace on Earth". The Christmas tree rounds it all out.
Mantel Corner
One corner of the fireplace. It was so hard to get the hurricanes to show up in the pictures! They are filled with fake snow and a birch bark star. 
Mercury glass candle stick
Mercury glass wannabe Candlestick holder. It is a dollar tree candlestick that was sprayed with the mirror glass spray paint. 
Mercury Glass Christmas Tree NativityNothing sweeter than a nativity scene. There is a glittery star hanging below the Christmas tree, but it is really hard to see.
Nativity on mirrow mercury glass

Star in hurricane
A better shot of the hurricane filled with fake snow.
So now for sources:
-The Birch bark stars retail at our local boutique for $9 each. I scored them for 25 cents each at our local Habitat for Humanity store
-The hurricanes are Southern Living at home
-fake snow from Target in a bag
-Mercury glass is from  TJ MAXX & Target (large on bottom is Ikea sprayed with mirror glass spray and filled with fake snow)
-Garlands from Michaels several years ago, and hobby lobby. 
-The grey/gold/silvery garland was also found at the Restore, but I've seen it at Hobby Lobby
-Peace on Earth found at Hobby Lobby several years ago.
-White Candlestick holders and White flower pot are thrift store finds. 
WHEW, I think that is it. I hope that you have enjoyed my mantel & that you will stop by again! 
If your in the mood for cooking some goodies this holiday season, be sure to check out my Salted Caramel Crunchy Toffee Recipe!  
Salted Chocolate toffee gluten free nut free
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  1. Your mantel is beautiful! I simply adore the nativity silhouette on the mirror - stunning!

  2. I love your mantel! It is beautiful.

  3. Looks beautiful!

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