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Transformers Construct-Bots! Come see what I think of this toy!

I am part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network and have been compensated by TRANSFORMERS for my participation in this campaign.  All opinions are my own.


I was so thrilled when I was asked if we would be interested in reviewing this product. A house of 4 boys---what a great fit!  My boys have all been Transformers fans, even though all 4 have very distinct personalities. All the Transformers toys we have owned in the past have been played with for hours upon hours. 
The boys could hardly contain their excitement, asking every day if the package would arrive that day. This little guy was filled with excitement!
Brand New Transformers Construct bots
This is how the Transformers Construct-Bots are packaged. It's really neat to have a few pieces "peeking out" of the box. Be sure to pay attention to the box--ours had a free app to download!
The best part of the packaging though? This part! Look, the red container makes a perfect box to hold the Transformer pieces in! Since the construct-bots are meant to be interchangeable, these stackable boxes will be very handy to keep those pieces contained (and mom's toes happier!). 
Inside a transformer storage box
There are so many Transformer Construct-Bots to choose from! You can learn more about them here: (Transformers Construct-Bots). We were lucky enough to receive WHEELJACK, and he's pretty cool looking! The littlest boy started building him while I fixed dinner.
Transformer Construct bots assemblyEven though he is 6, he did great with this! My oldest son who is 13 popped in and out to help him and to check out the construct-bot himself. He's a bit of an engineer/mathlete, and was impressed with the toy. He really liked that the pieces were easy to snap in place, but to also snap out of place. He was over the moon when he discovered that you can combine the sets to make your very own creations. Since our boys tend to share toys, this is a HUGE bonus. They love the flexibility of sharing different accessories with their toys. I'm guessing the armor, weapons, and other parts being exchanged will be a big hit in the future. The boys spent a few nights playing with WHEELJACK while the weather was cold outside. They never lost interest in him. You could hear them telling stories, acting out actions and of course--fighting over him! The boys added other construct-bots like BumbleBee and OptimusPrime to their Christmas lists. 
The weather was a little warmer today, and our youngest boy insisted that WHEELJACK had to come outside with us. With just a few quick changes, he went from robot to vehicle. There were no pieces to take apart, just a few simple rearrangements. We had a lot of fun reading the directions (mom's idea) and moving the pieces to the right spot. Outside, WHEELJACK went soaring through the sky, wheeling on the concrete and smashing into other outside toys. 
Wheeljack transformer in action
Happy boy with transformer construct bots
Wheeljack transformer toy up close
This little guy gave it 5 stars. What did Mom rate it? Mom gives it a 5 too. This is a great toy--you get to build! You get to use your imagination! You get to share pieces with the other sets (i.e., share with brothers!)! You don't have to  rob a bank to afford one! This is a toy that I am sure will be well loved and used in this house. I can not wait to see what the kids will construct when they customize with additional construct-bots! Their creativity never ceases to amaze me, and this is certainly a toy that will allow for that. As a mom of boys, finding the mix of all these qualities in a toy can be hard. I'm thrilled that Hasbro Transformers has started this line of toys! I hope you will be too! As I stated in the beginning, I was compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% mine and my children's. I really do think this is a 5 star product and will be recommending it to my mommy friends. 
Do you have any of the Construct-Bots kits? What do you think? Does your child like to assemble the more traditional characters we are familiar with, or do they prefer to make their own unique robot? 
If you are interested in purchasing a Transformer Construct-Bot they are on sale this week at Amazon. 

Hope everyone is having a great week and that you are staying warm! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my Salted Caramel Crunchy Toffee that is nut-free!
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  1. It must be good if they got off the computer games to play with it!

  2. Transformers are awesome - I have four younger brothers so these bring back good memories :D

  3. How fun! My son is older now but I miss those days of playing with cool toys!!


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