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How To Paint Metal With Chalk Paint

How to paint metal with chalk paint

So a few weeks ago, I was wondering the aisles of Hobby Lobby, when I stumbled across this clearance find. I loved the shape of this object as well as the price and knew I had to purchase it.
Metal Orb Garden Decoration in metal
I was a bit leary though, because I don’t have a lot of black in my house. I remember reading that chalk paint goes on just about every surface so I decided to give it a go. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because I had it on hand. The color is French Linen. I had a sample 4 oz bottle of it and I ended up using very little of it.
Some tips on painting on metal:
-Don’t use a brush, unless you want brush strokes. I ended up using a foam craft brush and sort of blotted all over the piece.
-The metal seemed to absorb more of the paint than I feel wood normally does. Again, it didn’t require much paint so I had no issue going over it 2-3 times.
-The paint dries very very quickly, so this is a very fast makeover project.
-Once it has cured, it’s pretty hard to peel the paint off. I tried, because I wanted to know if it was a good way to paint metal. I tried to peel it off with my finger nail, but the paint didn’t budge. I did let it cure 2 weeks before testing.
-I’m sure you could rub on a wax, but since I was going for the vintage “I was found at the Paris Flea Market, I’m weathered after being in my owners Lavender Fields” look, I didn’t.
Painted metal with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
So what do you think? Would you paint the metal piece or leave as is? Have you ever painted metal or something a bit more uncommon with Chalk Paint?

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  1. Don't you just love chalk paint?! Best invention EVER!!!!


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