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Easy DIY Ombre Photo Frames

Happy St Patrick's Day! I'm so thrilled to share this project with you today. I'm so blessed to be a party of a mystery blog hop put together by my sweet friend Laura Kelly. She is such a wonderful crafter and she took the time to put together a Rainbow Blog Hop for St Paddy's Day (No shamrocks allowed!). Here is my contribution to the party, as well as a look at how I will be using these frames year round! Enjoy!

I'm guessing you've figured out my color was Orange. She sent me an awesome kit of so many fun things! I was so excited! I don't have very much orange around the house--only a bit in the little boy's room, so I pulled my inspiration from there.

Here is how I got started. I had 3 existing frames that I had picked up before. I decided to paint them in Orange, but to do it Ombre style. I decided to use the Plaid brand Paint that Laura had sent. To make sure it stuck to the slick glossy frames, I used a neutral white chalky paint from Americana Decor as a primer. Because I had it on hand and am too lazy to prime, and I didn't want the orange paint to chip.

So here is where we started:
After a coat of chalky paint:

Does anyone else use wax paper to keep newspaper from sticking to painted surfaces?

Next, I had to mix my Plaid paint. I had 3 frames so I divided the paints among three cups. I placed my mathematical formula on the cups (8 orange, 2 white/ 4 orange, 4 white/ 8 white, 2 orange), but in the end, did half of all the amounts. I used Orange paint and white paint.

After Mixing it in the cups I dipped spoons and tweaked a bit until I got the 3 colors I wanted.

I then did 2 coats on the frames (waiting for each coat to dry of course!)

After they dried, I covered them with Americana Decor Creme Wax 
(again, using what I had on hand already).

I thought of several ways I could hang the frames together, from hooks to separated on the wall.
Even over lapping them or stair stepping them. The options are endless.
In the end, I decided to connect them, using what I had on hand--Duck Tape

Yes, I'm serious. And it works! I guess if they were large heavy frames, I might not trust it, but this size works great!

I took strips of 1.5 inch scrapbook paper and butted them up together and taped them down the back. Easy Peasy. To fit them in the frame, I took the original paper out of the frame and centered it on the scrapbook paper to cut along the lines.

After that, I hung the frames on the walls to take pictures of. This was not easy. The colors were hard to capture! I also had to take the glass out of the front because of reflections. 
Here is a close up:

and full length:

So that was my Orange Orange Orange moment! 
But like I said before, I wanted to use it year round.
 So here is what I added so that it can hang in my little boys' room year round:

Cute Post Cards that I purchased at a gift shop in Germany. 
I love the graphics. 

The Scrapbook Paper adds a whimsical touch to a plain basic edging mat. 

Here are some closeups. 

You can really see the 3 shades of Orange here:

So what do you think? Do you like what I did with Orange? 
Would you hang Ombre frames in your house?
How much fun would this be in a rainbow!

Thanks so much again, to Laura for being such a wonderful blog hop hostess!
She's also included a wonderful prize for our readers, so be sure to enter below!

Also, be sure to check out the many other awesome creative bloggers and what they did with their mystery color! Be sure to show them lots of love--they blow me away with their creativity!



  1. Happy St. Patrick's day to you! This are really pretty, and I love the postcards.

    1. Thanks Carmen! I adored the look of the posters on pinterest, and when I saw the actual postcards I knew I had to buy them!

  2. Thanks for the great lesson, I was just trying my hand at ombre the other day. Love your frames, they came out SUPER!

    My Card Party

    1. Thanks Allie! I think it would be fun to do the shades going down one large frame. And covered with scrapbook flowers in the corner! I don't think the boys would like flowers, what do you think? :) hehehehe

  3. Love the tutorial, mistakes are not possible following your great lead.

  4. Love the bright and cheery orange, the great directions, and the waxed paper tip!

  5. Thanks! I appreciate that! I can't stand when I paint something and the newspaper sticks or leaves ink or extra paper behind! The wax paper will still stick a bit, but peels off much easier and won't leave any residue!

  6. Love the Orange color! thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the bright and cheery orange, thanks for sharing!

    photo frames

  8. i love all the pictures specially orange one thanks for sharing with us.


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