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Spring Mantel: Peony "Spring Banner" Wreath, handmade bobbin spools and Radiant Orchid Artwork

I've had some requests for my Spring Mantle so I'm sharing it with you today. It's pretty basic, with lots of Spring-y colors! I love the radiant orchid, the hot pink and light pink, the whites, the green from the flowers, the violet from the oversized glass candle holders, and the aqua from the mason jar and the lace on a spool. I'll warn you the post is picture heavy, but I wanted you to get a sense of the scale of all the pieces. My house doesn't get much sunlight on the mantle, and indoor photography is not my forte (neither is outdoor!), but I hope you enjoy the pictures non the less!
Springmantel decor small

The mantle has the same cherry mirror that stays up all year long (It matches Hub's bookcases). In the center I have my Spring wreath (would you like to hear more about how I made that?). Each side flanks the wreath with flowers and handmade bobbin spools that are made to look like the old vintage ones!
Spring Mantel Colalge MajHoffTakesAWife

Spring Wreath Banner with peonies
The Wreath
Spring mantle with Peony wreath
The full fireplace mantle
Spring mantle Roses and White burlap ribbon on spool
One end has a glass vase from Dollar Tree that I hand painted. The handmade spool has beige burlap ribbon wrapped around.
Spring mantle Left side mantel molding
The Spring artwork can be found here: Tutorial for Spring Artwork.
Hello pretty spring flowers
Spring Artwork on mantel pantone color of the year
Handmade Bobbins knock off vintage spools
Here is a close up of the aqua lace on a homemade bobbin. I bought it in a package of 4-5 at Michaels. The white string was part of that as well.
DSC 0701
The other side of the mantel.
Spring blue aqua Ball jar mantle decoration
A Ball jar that I picked up (compete with lid!) at Round Top last year. It has some colored stones that my kids bought me from Dollar Tree last year for Christmas.
Spring mantel pretty violet candle holder ball jar
Another homemade bobbin.
Spring mantle Right corner mantel molding
The white vase was a thrift store find, and the violet glass candle holders were from Target during the fall clearance season.
Wooden bobbin with simple metal cap
I love the metal cap on the handmade spools.
Spring Wreath Srping banner Light pink peonies
The wreath I made earlier this Spring. I adore Peonies! We lived by a farm that had several fields of them in Oregon and I really miss driving by those fields!
Peonies on Wreath
Spring Mantle Mantel with bobbins spools aqua radiant orchard

A look back at the full mantle and the details. I hope you enjoyed my Spring mantle. What's on yours?
Spring Mantel Colalge MajHoffTakesAWife
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  1. Pretty, pretty! Now come do mine. :)

  2. So lovely. The mixtures of the muted pinks and greens is so fabulous!

    1. Thanks Kim--this is about as "girly" as this house of boys can get! LOL!

  3. I love it! I don't think I'll ever get a mantel photo up because ours has a tv on it...and wires all over the place...so it's not really pretty...I love the colors you used! :)

    1. Thanks! Our tv console is very boring, ha!

  4. It's beautiful! I live how my eye bounces from one element to the next - great balance.


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