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Doctor Who Birthday Cake - Make a Tardis out of Fondant!

The countdown is on my friends. Doctor Who season 8 is about to premiere. To say my 14 year old is excited would be an understatement. He’s a huge fan. So much so that his birthday party in June revolved around it. I thought I’d post a Doctor Who project for the next 4 days, for all of you who are anticipating this momentous occasion.
Doctor Who Tardis Cake with Fondant Police Box

Let’s kick it off with the Tardis Birthday Cake. It’s so easy. I have no real cake experience, so this is a beginner level cake for sure. You just need a box cake mix, your favorite vanilla icing and some fondant.
Tardis Birthday Cake for Teenager
Yes, you read that right. I made a simple box cake (why complicate matters?). A homemade stacked round cake is fine as well. I then iced the cake with my son’s favorite vanilla icing. I tried to keep it smooth, but I wasn’t picky about having it super smooth.
Bowties on side of Tardis cake
For the fondant on this cake, I used marshmallow fondant. The recipe I used can be found here. I will say, it is a bit messy, but it tastes really yummy and was actually pretty darn easy to make and roll. I used paste food coloring in blue and yellow.
Tardis Stencil for Fondant Icing Shapes
I basically rolled out the blue fondant and placed a printout of a tardis on top. I used a large sharp skewer to outline it and to mark the features. Then I removed it and used a knife to add the details. I printed out the Police Box and the other white piece on my printer. It took several tries to get the right size. I simply added them on top of the fondant Tardis with just a bit of vanilla icing to make them stick.
Marshmallow fondant to make Doctor Who cake
For the bow ties on the side, I used a basic bow tie cookie cutter. After the shape was made, I used the sharp skewer to “draw” in the middle and “wrinkles” of the bow tie. They stuck to the side very easily.
Police Box Birthday cake for Dr who fan
My son thought it was really neat to have a candle going where the flashing light goes on top.
Birthday Tardis Cake
Not the very best picture, but you can tell he’s really happy here.
The only thing I’ve seen him more excited about——seeing a real full size Tardis outside of a house we randomly drove by. For Reals. Yes, we went around the block to go back and take pictures. You can find those on my instagram. Click here to follow me!
Be sure to check back later this week for more Doctor Who Fun! There are some fun back to school ideas and some fun Doctor Who Cupcakes (you might have spied them in one of the above photos!).
Looking for more birthday ideas? Here was his Minecraft cake from last year:
                                         Minecraft Cake
Have a great week Whovians! Linking up to these great parties:

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  1. Love Doctor Who so anything connected is all right by me!
    I did a simple Tardis cake for my son about 4 years ago, I just drew it with icing pens and it was ok, I like your fondant idea so will give that a whirl next year maybe! Thanks


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