31 Days of Inspirational Quotes Day 3 - Major Hoff Takes A Wife

31 Days of Inspirational Quotes Day 3

31 Days of Inspirational Quotes
Today’s quote is all about being unique!

Inspire Day 3
*Photo credit: Mrs Major Hoff ©2014 California Coast, CA, USA
We discovered these little creatures on our last trip to California. We thought at first that they were jelly fish, but it turns out they are a cousin of the jellyfish. 
California beaches were inundated with them, and it turns out that they are not common on the beaches at all. 

 “Sailor Jellies” (scientific name: Velella velella) live on the surface of the ocean. They have a small thin “sail” that allows them to drift with the wind. They are harmless to humans. I found them quite endearing, especially when we realized that they were in fact rare to spot on a beach.
Here is another view of these cute creatures!
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