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How to design a Pumpkin Monster using a popcorn box!

Halloween Pumpkin Designs How to make a pumpkin creature
I’m so excited to share with you this awesome Halloween pumpkin design that I created! It’s so easy. I’m not great with pumpkin carving patterns, but this one is easy peasy, child friendly, and super cute to boot! It took minimal products, but the main product— it’s so crazy! I used a popcorn box for the body! For real! A popcorn box! I was so flattered to be sent an invite to participate in the annual Popcorn Box Challenge sponsored by Laura Kelly Designs. This is my second year participating and it’s one I look forward to! You can see last year’s box here. At the end of my post you’ll be able to click on all the projects and see how creative everyone got with their boxes! There is also a giveaway you don’t want to miss!
Halloween Popcorn Box challenge

Pumpkin creature Great ides for pumpkin design
My little creature guy makes me smile. He seems to be saying, “Hey guys! Let’s play!” Hopefully in a non-creepy way!
Easy to make pumpkin creature for kids
He’s pretty small and fits nicely on my little hay bales on the front porch. He’s our little Halloween gnome.
So let’s get started! Here is how I made this little fellow!
Supplies needed for Pumpkin monster
Supplies you will need. A popcorn box, a petite pumpkin, batting/stuffing, a pair of fake vampire teeth, 2 eyeballs, 1-2 pipe cleaners, and carving tools like a melon baller or strawberry huller.
Punching a hole in the popcorn box for arms
The first thing I did was punch a hole on both sides of the box to make room for the pipe cleaner arms. I folded the box in so that the hole puncher would fit properly.
Prepping the popcorn box for batting
I then assembled the box again and got started on the stuffing. I used regular crafting glue and worked in sections. I used large chunks of batting and glued more on the bare spots. I did basic shaping of it before I glued it on. It sticks really well, and the craft glue dries clear.
Placing stuffing on box to make it furry
Each time I would move to a new side, I used the hole punch to weight down the box. I also crushed the batting into the box to get a firm bond.
Making eye holes in pumpkins
While the box was drying, I moved onto the pumpkin head. I used the melon baller to carve out where the eyes would go.
Placing plastic eyes into pumpkin for head
I then used the strawberry huller to scoop out the area where the eye would go. It almost looks creepy to leave one out with the guts and seeds inside!
Placing fake teeth into pumpkin design
I wanted my little buy to just have an underbite. I cut the teeth off close to the edge. I used the huller again to carve out a bit for the teeth to grip into. I used hot glue to secure the plastic teeth in place. Since the box was dry, I worked 1 of the pipe cleaners in through the holes for his arms. I topped his little hands off with pearler beads and that completed the little fellow! It took around 15 minutes to complete this project!
Easy to make pumpkin creature for kids
He moved right out, onto the front porch
Halloween Pumpkin Ideas
I love his little buggy eyes!
Pumpkin carving pattern step by step tutorial on how to create your own pumpkin monster
The batting makes him almost ghost like. You can’t see the box, so it makes you wonder what his head is resting on!
Pumpkin creature created using a popcorn box
I love how he blends in with the other pumpkins and gourds.
Pumpkin designs using a popcorn box
What do you think? Do you want one for your porch?
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Here are the fabulous prizes you can win by entering below! $50 Fandango Gift card! World Market Treats—I wanna win!

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  2. Oh my gosh, those eyes are the bomb! Totally love your lil monster pumpkin!


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