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Quick and Easy Dessert : 5 Minute Pineapple Parfait Plus Printable!

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A quick and easy dessert featuring healthy yogurt, pineapple, and cookie crumbs. Don't have time to make a healthy dessert or any dessert? There are no excuses now! This pineapple parfait only takes 5 minutes to make! Now that's a quick dessert! The recipe also comes with a free "Do Not Disturb / Pampering In Progress" door knob hanger so you can eat your dessert in peace! #MullerMoment #CollectiveBias #ad #pineapple #quick #easy #desserts #yogurt

     When my kiddos were young, my husband often caught me hiding in the pantry snacking on anything sweet I could find. We still joke about the time he came home to find me holed up in the pantry. I had a ripped bag of chocolate chips in one hand, and I was using the other to shovel them in (as he put it - “like an angry badger”!). I’ve come a long way since that desperate day. Friends, there are quick and easy desserts out there! There are also healthy options out there. I wish someone back then would have told me that it’s okay to want a time out from the stress of being a mommy. It’s okay to want 10-15 minutes of peace and quiet. To be a better mom, sometimes I need to take the time to fill up my tank in order to keep the mommy van going!  Today I’m sharing with you a quick and easy dessert that anyone can make (your kiddos could probably make it for you!). It features refreshing pineapple, crushed cookie crumbs, and one of my favorite yogurts, Muller yogurts. The yogurt I’ve used for this recipe is from their “Ice Cream Inspired” yogurt line. If you can't find them in your stores, be assured, they are coming soon. It is so good on it’s own! I love to have it as a midmorning treat, or a late night snack. When I feel like jazzing things up a bit, I go for this fantastic quick pineapple dessert! For all of my lovely readers who are looking for a sweet escape, I highly recommend it! It takes less than 5 minutes to make, and I’ve included a free printable door knob sign that can let everyone know you can not be disturbed, as you are enjoying your pampering time!
Quick and healthy pineapple and yogurt parfaits

     Mmmmm, this pineapple parfait looks dreamy huh? You won’t believe how easy it is!
Pineapple Parfait with Vanilla cookie crumbs whip cream and pineapple on top
     Under 5 minutes? Really. Yes, really.
Quick and easy desserts  Pineapple yogurt parfaits
     Let’s get started!
Muller Yogurt with specks of vanilla bean
     I started with a container of Muller's Vanilla Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt . Those little specs— vanilla beans. YUM! It has a thick and creamy consistency that I really appreciate in a yogurt.
Use Muller yogurt crushed cookie crumbs and fresh fruit to make quick and healthy desserts
     In a small plastic baggie, I used a rolling pin to smash up and crush a few vanilla wafer cookies (you could use your hands or the pineapple can).
I added a few spoons of crushed pineapple (I prefer the crushed—it blends so well!) to the yogurt. If you like a lot of that sweet tropical taste, add more. Or you can add less—whatever you prefer.
To add a bit of elegance, I placed my parfait in a martini glass. First, I put in crushed cookie crumbs, then some yogurt mixture. Next, more cookie crumbs, and then I added the rest of the yogurt mixture.
How to assemble a pineapple parfait in a party glass

Quick and easy desserts  Pineapple yogurt parfaits
     To finish it off, I added a nice dollop of whipped cream (it’s a good idea to keep a can in the fridge for days like these!). I sprinkled a few more crumbs and topped with some pineapple chunks.
I usually just place any leftover yogurt or pineapple into containers so my kiddos can have snacks later.
Muller Dessert Style yogurt
     The Muller Ice Cream Inspired Yogurts come in 3 flavors! I featured Vanilla today, but the Raspberry Chocolate Chip is another one of my favorites. I’d love to see a parfait of chocolate cookie crumbs, the raspberry yogurt and fresh raspberries.  The Mint Chocolate Chip is my grab in a hurry dessert. It has a great flavor, but isn’t overwhelming. I really love the containers the yogurt comes in. It’s easy to stack in the fridge, and fits perfectly in my minivan drink holders.
Where to find Muller Yogurt in Walmart s Dairy section
    You can find Muller Yogurt in the refrigerated dairy section of your local Walmart. Don’t let the words “ice cream” throw you off. They are located with all the other yogurts, around the milk, butter, refrigerated cookie dough and eggs. I’ve added a picture to show you where I found mine. If you can't find them, ask your store's manager and tell them you heard they were coming soon and would love to know when they are in stock and available. Are you excited about trying these tasty treats? Why not get them at a bargain! Muller Yogurts is offering a coupon for $1 off 5 Muller Yogurts (offer valid Jan. 4th- Feb. 15th, 2015)! Be sure to check your Sunday (1/4) papers for this great value coupon!
    I’m hoping that you don’t have to hide yourself in the pantry like I used to. In any case, I’ve created a free printable door knob hanger that you can hang on any door to let everyone know it’s your quiet time!
Free Printable Please Do not disturb sign for doorknob
     What do you do to pamper yourself? Do you take a bubble bath, read a book, eat a dessert?
This sign works for any of those!
You can download the printable by clicking HERE.
When you print it out, it looks like this:
Pampering in progress Do Not Disturb Sign
     Cut out the rectangular part of the hanger. There is a trick to making it a door hanger and getting that circle out!
How to cut the printable to make a door knob holder
     This is the top of mine. Simply cut at and angle about half way down the circle. Completely remove the circle. Now it is easy to loop over a door knob!
     What do you think? Will you make this quick and easy dessert? Are you a fan of pineapple? How would you use the new ice cream inspired yogurts from Muller?
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