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25 Down and Dirty Activities for Boys and How to Keep Them Clean

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   Being a mom of boys can sometimes involve a lot of filth. I remember being a young mom, and another Army wife telling me, "Wait until they are older, no matter how much they shower, teenage boys just stink!". Being as naive as I was, I thought she was crazy. Boy was she right. I thought cleaning active boys was hard--I was not prepared for teenage stink! That was, until we discovered Irish Spring. Talk about taking care of that smell! The new Irish Spring Signature Line keeps my boys smelling like clean little men. I love that the smell lingers, but is not overwhelming.  From the mathlete, to the athlete, Irish Spring keeps their skin healthy and clean.

Somedays, a boy just needs to get down and dirty. My boys will sleep well after a day of good dirty activities and a nice hot shower. Here's my list of 25 activities to keep those kiddos rolling in the dirt!

25 Down and Dirty Activities for Boys
1. Build sandcastles.
2. Make mud pies
3. Splash in rain puddles
4. Eat a messy cupcake with lots of icing using your hands.
5. Go for a hike

6. Kayaking or Canoeing with lots of water splashing
7. Play a nice round of football
8. Play soccer in a muddy field.
9. Go fishing
10. Rake leaves

11. Plant flowers
12. Go camping
13. Ride some dirt bikes
14. Eat some ribs
15. Eat an ice cream cone

16. Go crabbing on the beach.
17. Pick wildflowers on a nature walk.
18. Go to a petting zoo or working farm
19. Climb trees
20. Swim in a lake

21. Give a dog a bath
22. Visit an orchard and pick some fruit
23. Blow bubbles
24. Go sledding
25. Play with chalk

    I was able to find the Irish Spring Signature at my local Walmart. I love the 3 in 1 because my boys don't get confused on what to use it on! You can find them at your store in the soap aisle.

Next step, enjoy watching!


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  1. These are some great activities for boys! I think my youngest boy would love to do each and every one of those! #client


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