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80+ Summer Boredom Fighting Activities To Break That Summer Slump

This post is sponsored by All Free Clear but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.   

 Summer is full swing over here at the Hoff house. We've had an interesting one, with cancelled trips, bbq's, swim meets among other activities.  Pneumonia hit our house and has made these last few weeks pretty miserable. My boys are stir crazy! How about your kiddos? I decided something needed to be done, so we made a list of 80+ activities to beat the summer blues.
Activities to do in the summer time. 80+ ideas to beat the summer boredom slump! #Free2Be #laundry #ad

80+ Activities To Do In The Summertime

1 Fly a kite
2 Swim in a lake
3 Play checkers or chess
4 Slide on a slip and slide
5 Make Kool- Aid Popsicles
6 Make pudding pops
7 Go canoeing
8 Go for a hike in the woods
9 Identify birds
10 Go to the beach

11 Go down a water slide
12 Lawn bowling
13 Kick the can
14 Run through spinklers
15 Put a cardboard box on a wagon and make your own RV
16 Play in the rain
17 Draw with sidewalk chalk
18 Write a letter to a penpal
19 Drop stuffed animals and thank you's off to firefighters or police men
20 Go airplane spotting

21 Go to a museum
22 Go to a zoo
23 Pick an animal and study about it for that day
24 Pick a famous person and learn about them
25 Make homemade snow cones
26 Read a book or start a book club or book exhange
27 Take a cooking class
28 Play a board game like Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, etc.
29 Go to the drive in
30 Catch fireflies. 

31 Climb a tree
32 Write a song
33 Play 20 questions
34 Sleep in
35 Eat breakfast for dinner
36 Make cookies for a neighbor
37 Make homemade slime
38 Play with bubbles
39 Sleep outside in a tent
40 Roast hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire

41 Celebrate with sparklers
42 Master the art of a boomerang
43 Play spoons
44 Play 4 square
45 Pack a picnic
46 Baseball
47 Learn to play solitaire
48 Go for a bike ride
49 Drink a slushie, frosty, or icee. 
50 Learn a few stars and stargaze

51 Take an afternoon nap 
52 Play kickball
53 Eat an ice cream cone before it melts
54 Go for a scenic drive
55 Pick somewhere in the world and learn about it. What would you do if you had 1 day to spend there?
56 Count the change in your piggy bank or change jar
57 Make homemade ice cream
58 Have root beer floats
59 Learn to make balloon shapes
60 Have a color war with old clothes and washable paint

61 Eat doughnuts for breakfast
62 Watch a baseball game
63 Swing on the swings
64 Go see a movie at the theater
65 Go fishing
66 Mail a tiny postcard and see if it makes it to its destination
67 Watch a parade
68 Watch the fireworks
69 Play a game of catch
70 Ride a roller coaster

71 Ride a ferry
72 Ride a train
73 Find and identify rocks
74 Catch a butterfly
75 Grow a plant
76 Play tricky tricky bear
77 Make a rock creature
78 Make a friendship bracelet
79 Swim at the pool
80 Knock down milk jars
81Go kayaking

     Whew, I wonder if we can knock all those out? My kids love the freedom of summer. We have a few basic rules in place (no video games or tv except at designated times, no sleeping past a certain time, etc). My kiddos get enough stress from the school year, that I love to see them kick back and explore, laugh, and have fun all summer long. Nothing beats the feeling of freedom! 
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Find an activity you can't wait to do? Do you have a favorite not on the list? Be sure to leave some comments!
-Mrs Major Hoff


  1. Some great ideas!! We love All Free and Clear too! It's the only thing I use.

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  4. This is a GREAT list!!! Always trying to keep the kids busy!

    1. Thanks Angela! Hope you found some boredom busters!

  5. Love all these ideas--and thanks for including one of mine!

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