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How to personalize a camp foot locker with vinyl

Decorate A Camp Locker in under an hour. Easy DIY lesson on how to decorate a summer camp locker / trunk. Custom Trunks are all the rage and your little one with adore it. Less than 1 hour from start to finish! Uses a Cricut cutting machine and vinyl. #camp #locker #cricut #vinyl #craft #DIY

    Last summer, one of my friends came to me and asked me to decorate her daughter’s camp locker. I was thrilled to do this for her! I worked at a summer camp during my college years and adored my time there. A lot of kiddos are headed to sports camps, church camps, teen camps, and all kinds of other summer camps (my oldest attends math camp). Most of the sleep away camps request that children bring foot lockers to store their clothes and other items. They make fabulous impromptu seats and can store a lot. But who wants to have the standard, blah, boring foot locker? My friend purchased this foot locker from Walmart:
Wheeled Storage Trunk -

Storage foot locker trunk for summer camps.

    I love the fun purple color. It comes in about 4-5 different color schemes, so some for girls, and some for boys.

    The main thing my friend wanted was her daughter’s name across the top. She also wanted it to be colorful and playful. Her daughter sketched out what sort of font she wanted. I love the groovy font she chose.

    You could do this by hand, but I did it with my fabulous Cricut Machine. Check out the
Cricut Explore Air™ !

Font outlines on a cricut machine.jpg

    The software makes it really easy to chose a font, add a border, etc.

    We knew we wanted the letters to pop, so we made sure to put a big outline for her name.

    Here you can see where I placed the outlined letters. I did use a transfer tape size it was such a     large scale.
Placing letters on an outline for a cricut machine

    I was able to place her letters right on top of the white outlines (again, using transfer tape).
For the circles and squiggles I used existing designs and just rotated & resized them. I put several of different styles on to one screen and ran each color of vinyl through the machine.
    The vinyl I used was all purchased from Expressions Vinyl. I bought a roll of transfer tape from them a long time ago and it’s still going strong! I like that I can order by the sheet and get so many colors.

Decorating a camp locker with vinyl and not paintjpg

    We even decorated the back of her trunk! The vinyl is awesome because if she is bored of it next year, we can take it off and start new.

wheels on a foot locker are a must for summer camp.

    The wheels are super handy, and a must have if you will be moving it often (or just lugging from the car to the cabin!).

personalize a camp locker
    This is Nora’s second year using the trunk and she LOVES it. Mom reports that it is still going strong, the vinyl is still perfect and that they get lots of compliments.

    What about you, do you send your kiddos to camp with one of these? Would they love one custom made just for them?

Great news! The Explore Air Bundle Set is on sale today at Zulily! What a fabulous deal!
Explore Air Bundle Set

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