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Summer Activities for Dogs

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Easy summer activities to get the energy out of your dogs during the summer heat. From water toys to bubbles, we offer simple ideas. Along with activities we discuss Purina Beyond Grain Free Dog Food and why we chose to have it be the fuel for our dogs. #PetsLoveBeyond #CollectiveBias #AD #dogs #pets #summertime
      Summertime can be a hard time for our furry pets. Texas summers are really hard. There are days were the weather just won’t allow us to walk our doggies. No one wants to see pavement burn their pet’s paws. Maybe your dogs are like our 2 Boston’s and still have energy. Our dogs look forward to spending time outdoors, so we’ve had to adjust our schedule to reflect the Texas heat. I’d love to share how we channel their energy in our back yard. By splitting these activities throughout the day, we are able to get the same effect as walking our dogs. To keep my dog's energy up while playing, we feed them Purina® Beyond® Grain Free Dog Food.

Summer Activities For Dogs

Cat Toys & Tunnels

A dog plays in a cat play box.
Our pup Skip loves to crawl through these boxes that are designed for cats. Who says cats get to have all the fun? He also loves the pop up tunnels that are made for toddlers too. We like to sometimes hide objects from him to see if he can find them.

Water Toys

Squishy ball made to squirt water

     This ball is made specifically as a pool toy. You submerge it into a bucket of water and it absorbs water. When the dogs catch it or play with it, water squirts out at them. Our dogs also love to chase the water spray made by squirting the hose, or my kiddos will shoot them with water guns. A plastic pool just for pets is a good idea on a hot Texas day.


This Boston Terrier loves to chase bubbles
     We discovered our dog Buckley loves to chase bubbles by accident. Our boys were out blowing bubbles, and someone let Buckley out to do his business at the same time. He went nuts! He will jump and go crazy for them. I always use the non-toxic kind sold in the children’s section.


Dogs love to play with big beach balls.

     This was another accidental finding for us. We had only had Skip about a week when he discovered an extra large outdoor ball that my boys play with. It turns out our little rescue might be an escapee from an animal circus! He will bounce the ball off his nose, and run and chase it like a maniac. He is so good that he can bounce it with his nose right over our privacy fence! Our neighbors often find Skipper’s toys in their yards. HA! Here he is playing with a simple beach ball. It didn’t last long. He has a knack of popping those quickly! He also loves to chase tennis balls. Buckley will chase golf balls if you putt them across the carpet inside the house.

     If your dog plays outside, PLEASE be sure to leave extra water outside. The heat takes a toll. We only take our doggies out for short bursts of time and always have an extra tray of water for them to drink from.

Dogs need extra water during the summertime heat.
*disclaimer* I believe all pets should be supervised while playing outside and inside. Toys can break, or become choking hazards. Heat can cause problems. Please note I will not be held liable should something extreme happen in your case. Sorry for the little notice. I'm sure you are all responsible adults who would never leave a sweet animal alone. 

     All that playing leaves my doggies hungry!

Boston Terrier standing for food
    One of the best decisions we made was to switch our doggies to Purina® Beyond® Grain Free Dog Food.

     The dogs just can’t get enough of it! Ha! They are so excited when we serve it. We split a can of wet food (Purina Beyond Chicken, Carrot & Pea) between the two of them, and top it with a scoop of the dry food (Purina Beyond Simply 9 White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley is their favorite!).

 Boston Terrier loves to eat Purina Beyond Grain Free Dog Food

     We love to pamper our pooches so I love giving them food that makes them so happy. It makes me happy to know I’m feeding them grain free, natural, and wholesome blends.  Purina Beyond fuels them all day long.

      Have you seen Purina Beyond on the shelf at your store? I bought mine at H-E-B, which is where my family buys groceries most of the time. My kids know the cashiers on a first name basis. Our favorite pharmacist knows our dog Buckley from our trips through the drive thru (he loves to go through the drive thru!).

IMG 8577

     This is our dog food aisle at my local H-E-B.

IMG 8576

     This what the Purina Beyond looks like on the shelves.  You can see the varities of the dry food, and the canned food below. Click HERE if you'd like a coupon to try out this food with your favorite pets.
     How do you keep your pups cool during the summer? What’s your favorite way to pamper your pooches?

     Leave a comment and let me know, I’m always looking for ideas!


  1. Your pups are too adorable and so energetic! I never thought to use old cat tunnels with the dog, but she's just the right size- I bet she'd enjoy it! #client

    1. Thanks Jenna! Dogs always surprise me with what entertains them!

  2. Buckley is beautiful! Love the name, too!
    Our dog Harley loves bubbles as well- it's so fun!

    1. Thanks Kelli! I love watching him chase the bubbles, so fun!

    2. Thanks Kelli! I love watching him chase the bubbles, so fun!

  3. They really loved this dog food, going back for more today!


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