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Inspiring and Uplifting Stationary For Teen Girls

     This is a more personal post than usual for me, but this is something that has been on my heart for the last few weeks and I decided to share it with you all. Many of you followed me on my adventures across Europe last spring via instagram and my #Hoff2SeeTheWorld hashtag. Part of our journey was visiting some dear relatives in England. We spent a week visiting and catching up with our loved ones. It was truly a special time. When we booked our trip, we went knowing it was probably the last time we’d see one of our favorite relatives, a spunky lady we love, who will be turning 99 next year. But life throws us curve balls sometimes, and it turns out trip ended up with us saying goodbye to another loved one without realizing it at all. Less than 4 months later, in a blink of an eye, my thoughtful and adventurous cousin passed away very unexpectedly. She was young and full of life, vibrant, cheerful, compassionate and simply amazing in our eyes. She was a mother of 3 young children, all who adored her, and rightly so.

     We’ve spent the last few weeks trying to wrap the news around in our heads, and it’s just unimaginable. To have someone so fully alive be gone the next moment is just to hard to describe. Our thoughts have gone to her sweet young teen girls, and her precocious little boy. They were very close to their mother and I know they are feeling the pain deeply. I can remember being that young, and dealing with death is hard at that age. Honestly, just being a teen girl is hard enough! I’ve been wanting to send some small gifts to the girls, to let them know how loved they are, and how much we are thinking about them everyday. But what? When I saw the Sadie Robertson Live Original Line from Day Spring at Hobby Lobby, I knew instantly that this was it.

     You might have seen my sneak peek on Instagram the other day:

     The journal is just perfect. The pages are full of scriptures that will uplift,  and give the girls ideas of what to journal. I hope they find it easy to write their thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears in it. Journaling is very therapeutic, and I hope they will be able to use them as a creative outlet.

a diary is a place to write your hopes, your fears, your dreams. Sadie Robertson Live Original Line from Day Spring is a perfect gift for teen girls.

This Journal Belongs To a person loved very much - Day Spring Diary for a teenage girl.
     The next item I found made me smile. I mean—check out the cute cover! I totally want to frame that!

Just Be Yourself Sticky Note Portfolio

    This is actually a sticky note portfolio. It features lots of different designs. Some with art, and some with scripture. I hope the girls find these cheerful notes all over the place, and that each one brings them a smile.

Think happy Be happy Sticky notes

    The last item, are these darling Scripture Shareables. I’m sending these in hopes that they will pass them onto friends, loved ones, classmates, or even strangers. I love the “There’s no one else on Earth like you” quote on each one. So very true!

There s no one else like you scripture sharables

     I think all of the items in the Sadie Robertson Live Original Line from Day Spring are absolutely adorable, and uplifting. I love that Sadie isn’t too much older than my sweet cousins. She has such a sweet grace about her, that I think any young girl could appreciate that. I can’t imagine the hurt of losing their mother, but I really hope that sending these cute items will brighten there day. Remember how new notebooks and cute stationary could brighten up your day as a teen?

Washi Tape Wrapped Present With Bible Verse

     Here is the package all wrapped up and ready to go. I have a few more items to stash in the box (can’t leave their adorable little brother out!), and off to England this goes.

My beautiful cousin will be so missed. She was truly a beautiful person, inside and out.

Sometimes there really are no words. Just lots of prayers, and lots of faith.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and DaySpring, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DayspringSadieRob

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