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Buckley and Skipper : The Story Of Our Boston Terriers

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 I’m asked a lot about our sweet puppies. We did not get our dogs at the same time, and each one has a unique story about how they came to belong to our family.

Buck  Skip
Buckley was our first dog. He was the kind of pet purchase that the experts warn you about. We were at the mall, he was a tiny puppy, and I had 2 kids with me that thought they couldn’t live without him. We had discussed getting a dog, and I was leaning towards a Boston since they are so family friendly. The next thing you know, the puppy was in the minivan riding home with us.
A fun story about a family adopting a Boston Terrier puppy and later a Boston Terrier rescue dog from a local shelter. Also explains how Pedigree is donating food for dogs in need. #PedigreeGives #CBias #ad #dog #rescuedogs

We have lots of cute pictures of Buckley as a puppy. They are so cute at that age. They are also a lot of work.

Buckley the Boston napping

After we had Buckley about 3 years, and 2 of our cats had passed away, we decided he might like another Boston as a buddy. We didn’t want to start fresh with a puppy again. We knew in our hearts that for our family, an older Boston from a shelter would be our best bet. We decided to not be as hasty this time. We visited the shelter several times. We considered a few other breeds of terriers, but they didn’t seem to fit what we were looking for. We had a Boston come in around Valentines day, and she was sweet and loving. She had heart worms though, and would need a quiet home while she took her medicine for them. A house of 4 boys wouldn’t have been a good fit for her, although it was hard to pass on her. Later on that month, we were surprised when we found out that another local shelter had a Boston mix in.

Skip at shelter

I went to the shelter, and this is what I saw. This poor skinny boy. They said he’d been on the run for several weeks.

Boston Terrier in shelter

He wanted attention, but didn’t bark.

Skinny rescue Boston Terrier

He had a cute way of wagging his little stumpy tail. I was in love.

Buckley meets Skipper

Since we decided not to be hasty, I went home and brought Buckley with me. They met first through a gate, and then together. All went well.

Skipper meets the little boys

The last test was how he would do with the kids. He was phenomenal.

Skipper in the van

The next thing you know, the dog was named Skipper and he was in the van driving home to be part of our family.

Skip and Buckley

We had several really good weeks, and for reasons still unclear to us, Skipper decided that he and Buckley were not going to be friends. To this day, Skipper does not want to be friends with any dogs. We have worked for the last 2 years for Buckley and Skipper to live and tolerate each other. What that means is for the most part, they are separated throughout the day. After lots of work and training, we are able to have them walk together side by side. It is not the idyllic friendship we hoped for Buckley, but they do have a relationship. It hasn’t always been the easiest, but deep down we know we are giving Skipper the best life he could ever have. We have no idea of the life Skipper had before our family. For our children, he’s the cuddly dog they always dreamed of. He basks in the love showered on him.

Skip ball

Not all shelter dogs are as lucky as Skip. Shelters work hard to adopt animals out, and it’s an expensive and arduous task. Most are functioning because of volunteers. It’s not for the faint of heart.
Skip Pedigree
That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about this fabulous promotion that PEDIGREE® is running during the month of October. Anytime you purchase PEDIGREE® products at Sam’s Club during the month of October, PEDIGREE® will donate a bowl of food to a dog in need. How awesome is that?
Skipper is a fan of the PEDIGREE® Choice Cuts Dog Food, while Buckley loves PEDIGREE® Choice Cuts Dog Food mixed with PEDIGREE® Adult Dry Dog Food. They look forward to meal time everyday!

Another way to gift a bowl of food is to upload a photo of a dog you love on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #LaterShelter. This gives you a chance to be featured on SamsClub.comPEDIGREE® will donate a bowl for each photo uploaded. 

Sam’s Club has a designated Pet aisle.
Sams Club pet aisle
IMG 9273 IMG 9272
It’s easy to find the PEDIGREE® products with their bright colorful packaging! 

How did you get your dogs? Did you get puppies or rescue a shelter dog? I’d love to hear your story! Also, be sure to stop by to read other heartwarming stories on the Pedigree social hub.


  1. Now I want a Boston Terrier too!

    1. They really are the best. They have energy, but not too much. They love to cuddle, but aren't overly needy. Skipper barks occasionally, but Buckley very very rarely. They are also super smart.

  2. They are such sweet dogs!!! I love Boston Terriers :) We have two cats, but I sure do love seeing picture of pups! #client


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