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Coke de Mexico Ham Glazed Sandwiches and sparkly Gold vases from bottles

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coke glazed ham sandwiches
Coke De Mexico glazed ham sandwiches and sparkly diy vases. Coke de Mexico Glazed ham sandwiches for holiday entertaining. Learn how to decorate the glass bottles with gold paint and rhinestones for a stunning display. #ShareHolidayJoy #CollectiveBias
     If you stopped by the blog yesterday, you saw that I shared a recipe for leftover ham. I promised that I would share the recipe I used for the ham, and today is that day! The requirements I had for this recipe was that it had to be tasty, it had to be easy, and it had to be enough to feed a crowd. I had stumbled upon a recipe for ham that was cooked with Coca-Cola a few months ago and I was intrigued. Apparently, it is a pretty popular way to cook a ham in the South. Which is funny, because I live in the South (and have for almost 10 years) and I don’t recall seeing a recipe for it before. Knowing that my kiddos might be a bit picky, I knew that if I added soda to the mix, they’d be willing to give it a try!

    For this recipe, I used Coke de Mexico. The main reason I chose this specific Coca-Cola product is because it features real sugar and zero high fructose corn syrup. Plus, it comes in these adorable glass bottles! When I saw the bottles with their faint light color, I knew I had to make a fun craft with them. For this post I’ll show you the step by step tutorial to decorating the glass bottles, and the recipe for the ham. In addition to the Coke de Mexico, the glaze features maple syrup, molasses, cloves and mustard. I used a bone in ham, that was pre-sliced and perfect for sandwiches made with rolls.

Ham sandwiches on cake plate

I used heat and serve rolls to make evenly sized sandwiches. They look snazzy when placed on a cake plate.

Coke de Mexico for a party

In addition to the sandwiches, my guests were free to drink Coke de Mexico throughout the party!

Coke glazed ham sandwich

The rolls make perfect sized sandwiches for your holiday guests.

Sandwiches for a party

The best part of this recipe really was the fact it was so easy. You really just need time. All the other ingredients are easy to come by.


1 bone in ham
6 bottles of Coke De Mexico (a 2 liter of Coca-Cola will work if you have a hard time finding it)
1 onion, coarsely chopped
1 TBSP molasses
1 TBSP maple syrup
1 tsp mustard
1/4 tsp ground cloves

1. In a large dutch oven, place the onion pieces on the bottom. Place the ham on top and pour the cans of Coke de Mexico over the top. I filled my pan about 3/4’s full. The mixture will bubble (kids like this part!).

2. Place the pan on medium high heat, and allow the liquid to come to a boil. Lower the heat to a simmer, and lightly cover with lid.

3. For every 2 pounds of ham, you should expect to cook the ham 1 hour. Mine took almost 3 hours. I flipped mine halfway through so the ham was covered with soda.

4. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Take your ham out of the dutch oven, draining the liquid. Place in a large roasting pan.

5. Score the outside of your ham (Since mine was already spiral sliced, I skipped this part).

6. In a small bowl, combine the molasses, maple syrup, mustard and cloves. Baste the ham all over with this mixture.

7. Place the ham in the oven, and keeping a keen eye on it, cook until the glaze caramelizes and bubbles.

8. Allow the ham to rest, and then serve accordingly.

cooking with coke de mexico

It’s not the prettiest when it’s cooking, but it is tasty!

glaze for ham sandwiches

The glaze features items you most likely already have in your kitchen.

basting a ham

Basting the ham is easy!

Serve coke with sandwiches

Now let’s move on to the fun craft I made with the glass bottles.

Glitzy bottles from coke

decorate coke bottles for Christmas

The bottles are perfect for holding poinsettia blooms.

gold holiday coke bottles

These were one of the quickest crafts I’ve ever made!

To start, remove the stamped date from the bottle around the neck.
remove date from coke bottle.JPG

You can find my tip for this HERE.

Painting a coke bottle

I used this gold dazzling metallic paint. You could use painters tape, but I just used the ridges in the glass bottle as a trim line. It will look streaky, and it takes 3 thin coats (allow to dry in-between).

Gold paint coke bottles

You can see it takes a few coats before the red label is covered.

rhinestone ribbon trim

I picked up this rhinestone ribbon mesh type material last month. It's connected by thin threads, so I just cut the sizes I wanted.

Glue rhinestones to soda bottle

I used my paint lines as a guide and hot glued the back seam.

rhinestone vases from coke bottles

Here they are on my rustic mantel.

reuse a coke de mexico bottle

So what do you think? Easy peasy!

coke de mexico at Sams club
I purchased my Coke de Mexico at my local Sam’s Club. They come in a 24 pack which is perfect for holiday entertaining.

Coca Cola glass bottles

The Coke de Mexico features no high fructose corn syrup - only real sugar. This is what sets it apart. Be sure to look for the glass bottles!

While I was there, I also grabbed a 4 pack of 2 liter bottles of Coke which are at a special price this holiday season. They are priced at only $3.98 in club! What a bargain! This will be handy for when  guests drop by!

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  1. I really need to try this recipe. Ham is my absolutely favorite holiday main course and I've never tried it this way. Thanks for the recipe. I love those bottles, they turned out really elegant! #client

  2. Oh yum--and those bottles are the prettiest!! Thanks for the idea!


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