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Printable Glittered Holiday Secret Santa Gift Tags

 Looking for a fun and cute way to tag your Secret Santa gifts? 

You will love these easy to DIY printable tags!

DIY Glittered secret santa tags

 I’m all about keeping anonymity when doing the Secret Santa gifts. Handwriting is one of the easiest ways to give it away! Hopefully these fun easy to make tags will help you out on that! If you are just looking to make your own personal tags, I’ve got you covered there too! Today’s post is all about glittering the printables, and how to make your own printables! You can create everything from framed art, to Christmas Cards, to birthday invitations.  I think you will be amazed at easy it really is.

I use many resources for my printables. I use everything from free software like Canva,
PicMonkey, Inkscape, to not so free: Photoshop and Illustrator. I first started to look for quality graphics when I was selling on Etsy and wanted unique designs for appliqué and embroidery. One of my go to spots for graphics is Graphic Stock. In fact, I have used them for several free printables I’ve offered on the blog before. I love being able to just go in and search for something when I need it. It can be anything from a photograph, word art, vector files, or just a background. Today I’m showing you how easy it is to use Graphic Stock and PicMonkey to make fun glittered Holiday gift tags. I wanted to make them a little more jazzy - so these are made specifically for Secret Santa gifts. After you watch my tutorial though, you’ll see how easy it is to customize them to whatever you would like them to say! So let’s get started!

    The first thing I did was go to Graphic Stock and search for something specific. I searched for “Christmas Tags” and also searched in the vector category. After viewing my options, I picked a few that I liked. You simply download them to your computer. You can pick different file types from EPS (for Illustrator), to jpeg, to pdf. I picked jpegs for todays post.

Santa Tags on Graphic Stock
This is what it shows on your screen.

I picked 4 vertical scenes that I liked and then opened them in Pic Monkey in the collage tab.

Screen Shot 2015 11 29 at 9 47 12 PM

I sized my collage at 2400 x 3300 pixels which is equivalent to 8x10 inches.

Rounding corners in picmonkey

     Next, I switched to the palette button and changed my spacing to make the tags a bit smaller, and I rounded the corners.
    Once that was done and I was pleased with the results, I pressed the edit tab to move it over to the editing side of Pic Monkey.

adding text in picmonkey
     Once I was in the editing side, I went to town adding the phrases I wanted with all the fun fonts available. Pic Monkey lets you use your own fonts too!

Final Gift Tags

    This what I came up with! I then saved the file, at the highest resolution because I knew it would be printed.
     I then opened the picture up on my computer and printed on medium weight card stock!
These would work perfectly on their own, but glittery really adds that nice handmade touch.
To do this, gather your supplies (scissors, glue, a paint brush, and glitter)

Glittered Holiday Tags Supplies

     Cut out all your tags and decide where you want the glitter. You can do it all the way around, or just in certain spots.

Glue prep for glittering

I used regular school glue. Try to stay in the general area.

Spread glue with paintbrush

I use a small paintbrush to spread the glue a little bit more evenly.

Sprinkle glitter on top of card

Then sprinkle and excess amount of glitter on your glue spots

Glittering the edge of cards
    Glitter is a bit messy. If you use a sheet of paper (wax or parchment, newspaper, etc), You can fold it over to dispose of the glitter or to funnel back into the container.
Let your cards rest a minute and then shake off the excess. Shake really well!

Free Secret Santa Tag

Punch a hole with a hole punch, and tie a pretty ribbon and it’s ready to go!

Free Printable Secret Santa Tags

Merry Christmas Secret Santa

    And there you have it! So easy!!! It took me less than 30 minutes from start to finish.
If you’d like today’s printables, you can download them HERE:

Download printables here

Here are some past examples of printables I have made using Graphic Stock:

Winter Steinbeck quote

    And this super fun Valentine’s Day printable:
Free Printable Valentine at Major Hoff Takes A Wife


    What would you make? I want to encourage you to check out Graphic Stock. Right now, you can sign up for a FREE 7 day trial (anything past 7 days you will be charged for).
Want even more of an incentive? By doing a free trial and creating something, you can enter to win a $25 amazon gift card!

The rules are simple:
1. Sign up for the 7-day free trial.
2. Visit GraphicStock website and locate the images needed to create holiday printables - and start creating!
3. Comment on down below, sharing the link to the social media post containing your holiday printable, and sharing additional ideas for holiday projects using GraphicStock.
Here is some more information regarding Graphic Stock:
GraphicStock is an affordable, subscription-based stock media site that gives you unlimited access to stock graphics, vectors, infographics and more

Graphic stock offers members unlimited downloads to the library of 250,000 graphics, images, vectors, icons, and more. Because of this, the average subscribers pay less than a dollar per download over the course of a year.

They are always updating the library and their licensing is simple and unrestricted.  Everything is 100% royalty-free!

For your free 7 day trial Download up to 140 graphics from the library during your trial

***** Graphic Stock automatically rolls into monthly plan after the trial ends, so don't forget to set a reminder! *****

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