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Craft Room Tour and a Chiari Update

Looking for a real life FUNCTIONAL Craft room? This is my wonderful space that includes areas for sewing, paper crafts, storage and even a guest bed! 

Mrs Major Hoff (Sara) from Major Hoff Takes A Wife takes us on her new craft and sewing studio! You won't believe how she got so much in one little room!

   Hi everyone! 
     It’s so good to be able to say hi to all of you, even though I’m all snuggled in comfy pajamas and laying in bed. I’m sorry I haven’t posted, but I did not expect my recovery to be so difficult. I’m hoping to do a detailed post next week to explain exactly what has happened and how we are dealing with it. If you follow me on instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen a few updates here and there. If you’d like to read about how my journey began, you can read this post. Today was one of those days where I went from #ChiariWarrior to #BrainSurgerySucks.

     Thankfully, I got the pictures done before my surgery—whew! So at least I can bring you this post. I love having a craft room. It’s my girly room in a house full of 5 males. So when the kids tv or our family tv is on sports or kids shows, I can sneak out and hang out in my amazing craft room. Sometimes women just need alone time. and craft time. or to read a book in bed. I know you know what I mean!

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    This wonderful series is brought to you by the fabulous Angie who blogs at The Country Chic Cottage! She always puts a great assortment of bloggers in her yearly craft room tours. I was actually in a few years back. You can see my old sewing studio here! I was so thrilled to be in the mix again. Since my health decline, sewing was put on the back burner, so I didn’t need my machines out all the time. This new room still has a lot of sewing items in it -fabric, cough, cough. 
This new room is geared towards all my little projects. Then when we realized we needed a guest room for people taking care of the little ones when I was in San Antonio, we had to move in a bed. That kinda threw a few things off! Anyhow, it’s working for right now. I’m just going to show you the basic stuff now, and I’ll update in the future in more detail. If there is anything specific you would like to know, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll tell you where I bought it, etc. So lets get started!

Craft room sewing studio 3

This is the longest wall I have in the room. On one side is a closet and on the other is a window (the view is a fence, so I don’t mind covering it a bit). The bookshelves are not a perfect match to the bottom consoles, but the price was right for all of it. Secretly, between you and I, I’m loving my new television! I know none of the storage containers on the bottom benches match, but hopefully I’ll get some soon!

Craft room sewing studio 4

Craft room sewing studio 1

 The room isn’t very wide, so it was hard to take a picture. You can see I’ve moved a serger and an embroidery machine up high because I don’t need them very often.

My little workhorse machine is turned at the end of the hutch. Off to the side is my magazine shelf, and a basket full of trims. Front and center is this big guy!

Craft room sewing studio 2

I have been using my Cricut for years and I finally decided to treat myself with the great deals they had on the new styles  over the holidays. I can’t begin to tell you how in love I am with it. My only regret was not buying it sooner. 

Craft room sewing studio 6

This is the third wall. The desk has one embroidery machine that I can pull out when I need it. That big white thing is an Ottlite that was gifted to me. I lets out excellent light. On the other side is an ikea lamp I’ve had for years with a burlap shade. It actually spins all the way around, so for the pic I probably should have faced it down. You always realize these things too late!

Craft room sewing studio 9

Lots of odds and ends are around this desk. I love the bulletin board on it, I keep cute things and travel momentos on it.

Craft room sewing studio 8

This little side table is great for storage even if it’s not my style.

Craft room sewing studio 7

I love that I can fit things in those little drawers——like lots of thread!

Craft room sewing studio 10

Last but not least is the bed. I found the cutest antique frame to put it on, and it was adorable. But the first night we discovered that one of our dogs couldn’t get on the bed at all, it was so tall. I was having issues and started thinking I needed a stool. I was sad to see it go, and I really missed under bed storage. I also had shelves that just didn’t work right on that wall, so I’ve got something up my sleeve. 
You can also tell the bed is so new that I haven’t really picked bedding for it yet!!!!

I hope you enjoyed visiting, I can’t begin to tell you how much other bloggers and readers have blessed me this month. You are all so wonderful, I truly appreciate it!

     Now, don’t miss out on anymore fun! Stop by and see what the others are up to! You don’t want to miss them all! I know I’m really inspired by so many of them. Hopefully by spring time I’ll get the bug to getting more done in here. Be sure to stop by again when I show you little details and show you how I made both desks! 


Organized craft room tour


  1. What a great space! And I am so glad that you are recovering!!

  2. Wow Sara! I'm looking forward to you spending more time in this great creative space. I'm praying that is soon!

  3. I also love using my Longaberger baskets and wrought iron pieces to organize and display my crafts.


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