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Free Printable Daily Medicine Chart

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Need to keep track of your daily vitamin or medicines? This free printable medicine chart helps you do just that! Perfect for new mothers, for those recovering from surgery, and those who want to remember their daily vitamin. #NatureMade #IC (ad)

    It’s been awhile since I posted, but I’m sure you all know that my health has put blogging on the back burner. My goal for this year was to have a healthy 2016 and to do everything I could to make sure my surgery recovery went as smoothly as it could. Of course, there have been a few challenges. Brain surgery is no joke! The last 2 months have been a total blur. I was really excited when I was able to team up with Nature Made. One of my main goals was to keep my body as healthy as it could be. Even though I wasn’t going out in public a lot, my kiddos were. I was also hanging out in the hospital. Recovery was hard enough. I didn’t want to put a cold or a virus on top of it. So in an effort to boost my immune system and give it a fighting chance, I added Nature Made adult gummies  with Vitamin C for immune system to my daily regimen. Another challenge I had was taking my medicines. My short term memory was shot. Did I take my vitamin? How long ago was my last pain pill? I came up with a remedy by creating a free printable medicine chart that I’m sharing with you today. I added a simple box to check for a daily vitamin and a daily probiotic. I was able to chart doses, when the next dose would be. This saved me on more than one occasion! I hope you will find it handy too!

Medicine chart for dosage and schedule

The printable medicine chart will print 2 sheets on 1 paper. 

Printable medicine chart

I did this to save paper. It was easy to cut in half with a paper cutter or scissors. Print a lot and have your copy store make a notepad - a perfect gift for new moms or anyone really!

Nature Made Adult gummies with Vitamin C for immune support

There were many days that I had to double check the box to see if I had taken a vitamin. Since my memory was so bad, I didn’t want to run the chance of taking more than I should. 

Printable medicine dose chart

The printable features a column for the amount of hours before the next dose. By having a notes section, I could write down when the next dose should be scheduled. This was really handy when I was taking medicine in the middle of the night and had to set alarms.

Boost your immune system with vitamins

I picked up my Nature Made vitamins at Walmart when I was stocking up on groceries before surgery. Nature Made has a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and supplements available at Walmart’s everyday low price. I specifically picked the Vitamin C for the immune system boost. Did you know that Nature Made is the #1 best selling brand in the country for preventing nutritional gaps*? I for one am a fan of the natural fruit flavors! Pairing up with Nature Made was a no-brainer for me!

To kick off a fabulous 2016, Nature Made is bringing you an awesome support site to teach you simple ways to stay healthy! Be sure to sign up for weekly emails to keep you on track. I love their daily boosts. Those small tips build up!

We all want 2016 to be our year! Nature Made is giving you a hand in keeping your goals. To give you a head start, you can enter to win one of 20 $50 Walmart gift cards*!!!!! How amazing is that! I’m always up for a giveaway! The contest will run from Feb 10- March 4.Be sure to enter! It would thrill me to pieces if one of my readers is a lucky winner!

Nature Made Wellness 2

Don’t forget to download your FREE PRINTABLE MEDICINE CHART!

Download file here

Let me know if you find this simple piece of paper as handy as I did!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

*Based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its Scantrack Service for the Vitamins Category for 52-week period ending 9/26/2015, for the xAOC, FDM, and FM Markets. Copyright © 2015 Nielsen.
*I-C will randomly select 20 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.

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