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Modern Farmhouse Bar Stools DIY'ed with Pure & Original Classico Paint

Itching to try a mineral, chalk, and water based paint? 

Try this simple DIY to turn ordinary bar stools into stunning pieces for that modern farmhouse feel!

Modern Farm House Barstools. Itching to try a mineral, chalk and water based paint? Try this simple DIY to turn ordinary bar stools into stunning pieces for that modern farmhouse look. #sp f
**I received product from Pure & Original to test the product and to bring my tutorial to you!

    It’s been a long time, huh? I have to tell you, I really truly miss blogging. I keep telling myself that the is just a “season” and that I need to embrace the quietude while I’m recovering. Quietude is for the birds!  I’ve got a million things I want to get done, a million ideas, a million photos to edit, a million home DIY projects, oh the list….. But my brain just isn’t there yet. I’m still in a lot of pain, with a constant 24/7 headache. Right now I’m “functioning”. I’m getting by. I’m doing the bare minimum of everything. Except for drinking coffee. If there was an Olympic competition for drinking coffee, I would proudly represent the USA and bring back a gold medal. 

First I drink the coffee then another cup and maybe 1 more cup
Coffee is one of the few things that makes me feel better (it helps with cerebral spinal fluid production) - who knew? It’s literally the fuel for my day, for all my activities.

    When the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest™ announced that Pure & Original was the company of the month, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. Besides thinking I’d be in better shape, I was super intrigued at trying this paint. I’ve worked with a lot of paints but had never tried a mineral based paint, and couldn’t wait. I had big big big plans. But in all reality, when the time came, I knew I physically couldn’t move around a big piece of furniture. So after trying to come up with an idea, I realized our bar stools could really be a great makeover. 

unfinished bar stools.jpg

    I picked these up for a song. I found them via our local buy and sell group on Facebook. I knew the owner and was happy to pay $20 for the 2 of them. When my husband came home that day I told him I paid $250 from Pottery Barn. He hit the ceiling. Once I told him how much I really paid, he felt much better and didn’t seem to care that I’d brought yet more furniture into our house. 
 Pure & Original Paint

     The hardest part was picking a paint color. The colors offered by Pure & Natural are ahhhhmazing. Too many to pick from! I want them all! I finally settled on Silver Clay. I love it!

Silver Clay Pure & Orginal

    The actual paint requires no sanding, but since my barstools had a good amount of furniture polish shine to them, I did go ahead and do a light sanding. I also added thumbtacks to the bottom of the legs so that the stools were up a bit off the ground and I could reach all the nooks and crannies. Then I set to work!

Using a thumbtack to paint furniture feet

    The paint dried quickly, and I knocked these bar stools out quickly. They are lightweight, so with just a little bit of help from my little ones, I was able to move them around. I did distress them with sand paper. The paint requires no protective coats on top, but because I have the 4 boys, I went ahead and added a clear coat of wax. 

Modern Country Barstools 1

    I was so happy when these guys were all done. I’d put off painting them for over a year, and they are just what I wanted!

Modern Country Barstools 2

    The color is somewhat neutral but adds a subtle pop of color.

Modern Country Barstools 3

     I love the weathered wood look. Just a simple swipe of sandpaper, and these barstools look like they’ve been in a farmhouse for a century!

Modern Country Barstools 5

Modern Country Barstools 4

    I kept the fabric on the seats, but may go back and add a different fabric choice. What do you think?

FFFC main graphic updated  10 2015

     A million thanks to the wonderful ladies over at the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest™. Be sure to check out the hashtag #FabFlippinContest on social media to see all the entries. You’ll be wowed! You can also see a full list of entries here at Anastasia Vintage

    Are you in love with Pure & Original Paint color selection like I am? I’m still swooning over this hutch makeover by Thirty-Eighth Street. WOW!
The Nadine Cabinet 0895 F Painted With Pure  Original Classico Paint
                                                   Thirty-Eighth Street 

I hope you enjoyed my post today. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things again soon because I miss you guys so much!
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Modern Farm House Barstools

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  1. Great flip they look so sweet now.

  2. Nice update, and I love that thumbtack trick!

  3. The paint really gave them an elegant update!


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