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Side Table makeover with Country Chic Metallic Cream

A fun side table gets a makeover with Country Chic All in One paint and Country Chic Metallic Accent Cream. Be sure to see the step by step process to making this little table **Sparkle**.

    Believe it or not, but time is flying and once again it's my monthly post for the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest™. Every month when I place my order, I have grand plans, but they have not been very grand lately. I just am not physically able to do a large project right now. But sometimes little projects can make a small impact too! This month I painted a fun side table that I rescued from a thrift store in town. I've had it for a while, and it lives in our playroom - where it doesn't coordinate at all! I used Country Chic All in One paint, Country Chic Metallic Cream and a little secret sauce that I concocted. Your gonna wanna see that! This month's theme was Bling! Bling! and I wish my pictures did justice to the shine this piece has. I love the sparkle!

So this is where I started:

Cherry Stained Side Table before being Painted.

Not too pretty. It has great lines and little accents that I love, but the dark stain really doesn't allow them to stand out. I love the ruffly edge, but the top had some serious water damage from a previous owner. 

I started with a single coat of Cobblestone from the Country Chic All In One line. This is probably my favorite paint line out there. It is so smooth and levels out so nicely. It dries quickly, but not too quickly. When people ask me, this is usually what I recommend. 

Country Chic All In One First coat is usually all it takes

It's still drying here, hence the streaks. You can tell I'm actually painting this inside, in my kitchen. We happened to have a small monsoon over here in Texas, so there was no way I was painting it outside. The paint has very little smell, which is another reason why I love it!

Country Chic Brushes work the best with all their paint products

When I recommend the paint, I also recommend that you purchase a paint brush from the company itself. I've tried other synthetic brushes with this paint, but theirs is honestly the best I've come across. My table took one coat. There were just a few little spots that bugged me, so I took a mixture of 2/3 paint to 1/3 parts water and made a wash and did a quick wash everywhere to even things out a bit. 

Create your own furniture wax with metallic accent cream

Once my table was dried and ready to go, I went back and forth on what I wanted to do with the metallic cream. There are some great youtube videos out there to help you. I didn't think that I wanted the thick metallic look, but I was worried about a washed look too.  In the end, I placed 1 tablespoon Country Chic Natural Wax in a disposable cup with 2 teaspoons of the metallic cream. I had picked trigger which has a pewter look to it. I used a disposable fork and worked the wax into the cream and made my own paste. Once it was all mixed up with no clumps, I flattened it out on a paper plate. I dipped my wax brush, and then wiped off excess on the outside of the paper plate. I used my brush to cover the piece, a little area at a time. After about 1-3 minutes I wiped off excess and buffed with a white cloth.

With and without Metallic Accent Cream
Here you can see the difference with the cream. The top drawer is the paint only. It is pretty, but sort of flat. The bottom drawer has the mix on top. It added lots of depth, and accented the wood details. The metallic cream adds a fun subtle shimmer. 

Side Table makeover with Metallic accent cream

Here it is, in place. Ready for the remote controls, iPods and whatever else my boys will stash on it.

Metallic accent cream brings out the details

Feminine yet masculine piece for a boys playroom

Dainty Furniture Pulls

I kept the hardware as is, because it was so cute and delicate and I liked the way the tarnished color looked against the paint. 

Detailed edge molding on side table

The ruffled edge gives me a slightly feminine look, but the Cobblestone color and the trigger metallic cream makes it "manly" enough for the boys playroom. 

Country Chic Paint Products

I love this little table so much more now. I'm now going to imagine I found it in a thrift store in Paris, and that it was really residing in a palace before my playroom. 

Have you ever used Country Chic Paint products before? I really can't say enough good things about their products. They have truly blown me away--and the clean up is a breeze. This is suppose to be a post on refinishing, and not a "review" post, so I want you to know that everything I'm saying is very true to my heart. 

Thanks again to all the ladies that make the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest™ run smoothly every month. 
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A fun side table gets a makeover with Country Chic All in One paint and Country Chic Metallic Accent Cream. Be sure to see the step by step process to making this little table **Sparkle**.


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  2. Hi, Sara
    Wow, I love this table. Side tables are my favorite and I love having one in almost every room. The color you picked is beautiful and I love the trigger cream. This piece looks beautiful in your room.


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