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Customized Ribbons for Texas Homecoming Mums

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    Fall is in the air… cider, pumpkins, football, and giant Homecoming mums. What? What? What in the world? If your not from Texas, I’ve probably thoroughly confused you. The subject is contentious. It makes for great Facebook conversations. I’m not originally from Texas, so I don’t know all the ends and outs. I just know that the boy’s mom makes the mum for his date. This was the first year I’ve ever made one. I’m certainly not a pro, but I wanted to share one insider tip that made mum making much easier and customized it for my son’s lovely date! And you may never need to make a mum, but you might need customized ribbon (gift giving, anyone?).

Customized Ribbons for Texas Homecoming Mums. A fun, inexpensive and creative way to make ribbons for Texas Homecoming Mums. If you love to craft, you probably already have the supplies needed. Make custom ribbon for any occasion with your Cricut cutting machine!
If you have never seen one before, welcome to Homecoming Texas Style!

What I discovered pretty quickly is that all this stuff really adds up pretty fast. If you don’t watch it, then your wallet might be stretched a little thin. The concept is that there should be a ribbon for every activity, your dates name, your name, etc. I initially thought I would use stickers, but when I priced the big ones out — well let’s just say I’d rather spend my money on other things. I also wanted something that wasn’t going to be the same as everyone else. Basically I wanted customized ribbons. I decided to use my incredible Cricut Explore and I’m so glad I did!

The supplies are so simple. I simply needed the ribbon, glitter vinyl and my machine. I’ll list the complete list at the bottom to make everything easy peasy for you!

cricut vinyl sticker letters for DIY ribbon

Let’s start with the looped ribbon. I placed a letter on each loop so that it spelled out her name. I created this very easily in the Cricut Design Space Software. It was hard to catch the glitter in the right light, my apologizes.

Step #1:
Sign in to Design Space and open a new file

Step #2
Add your text by clicking the “add Text box” on the left hand side.  I typed each letter and hit enter so that it would be vertical vs. horizontal.

Making a vertical name in cricut

Step #3
Once you have your basic text written, lets edit it. Select all the letters in the text box and click “Edit” on the right hand control panel.
From here you can select your text type. I first selected “Cricut fonts” and then the one I chose was “Tie the Knot Monogram”.

Select text in Cricut Design Space

I’m a subscribing member of the Cricut Image Library, so any of the fonts with the green “a” beside them means I can access those without paying. If you are not a member you can buy fonts and images individually.

Once you’ve selected your font you can manipulate it how you want. You can change the size, justify or center it, determine how much space you want between the letters, etc.
You can design all the ribbons on one mat or cut them individually. For this example, I’ll show them to you individually.

Step #4
Once you have the design for your ribbon how you’d like it, click the green go button on the top row.

Cricut Design Space Tie The Knot Monogram

Step #5
Preview your cut on this screen. You can always go back and edit. Make sure your mat size is correct. You can also move the text around on the mat in case you’d like it placed somewhere else.

Preview cut in Cricut Design Space.png

Once you are happy with it, click the green go button in the bottom right hand corner.

Step #6:
This screen shows you exactly what you have left to do. Set your dial (I set it for vinyl), load your mat in the machine and when your all set and have the green light, click GO!

Ready to cut Design Space

Once the machine did it’s work, I weeded the extra vinyl from around the letters. I was left with only the letters on the vinyl backing. I then used transfer tape to adhere them to the ribbon.
Transfer tape vinyl letters to ribbon

Use the spatula and press the letters on really well. Slowly pull off the transfer tape at an angle. If a letter starts going off the ribbon and on the transfer tape, simply reapply it to the ribbon and coax it off the transfer tape.

Homecoming Mum Custom Freshman Ribbon

The golf ribbon was done exactly the same way, with one exception. I knew I wanted a shape of a golf ball, club or flag, so I searched for “Golf” in the design studio.

Searching for golf in design studio

Nothing quite fit, but I knew that I could edit the 3rd picture to show just the golf flag. Here’s how:

Step #1
Make your text as I did above. To find golf items, click on the left hand panel where it says “insert images”. This pops up the design studio, where I searched for golf in the right hand corner search bar. I selected Golf Pro #M450D7. Once it had a check mark, I selected “insert images” on the bottom right hand side, which popped it back up in my design software.
Step #2
This step edits the boy out. Click on the right hand control panel where it says layers. One by one select the layers that are not the golf flag and press the delete button at the bottom.
Layers option in cricut design space

Pretty soon you’ll see most of it disappearing, and you’ll see who cool this process is:

deleting layers in cricut design space

I’ve hit the eye button next to my golf text so it’s not visible. Once your done deleting, turn it back on and arrange the element how you’d like it. Since I wanted a continuous ribbon, I simply copied and pasted the elements as I liked, and then used the align button to ensure everything was spaced accordingly.

make a custom golf ribbon

Once it’s to your liking, simply follow the directions from above to cut your design!

Homecoming Golf Ribbon

The finished Golf ribbon! I love the contrast of the glitter vinyl with the black ribbon.

I used the same technique for all the ribbons and it couldn’t have been easier!
Please leave a comment if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.


                       Golf: 3 Birds Life and Golf Pro #M450D7
                       Freshman: Easton
                      Letters in curly circles for the loop ribbon: Tie the Knot Monogram
                      Homecoming 2016: Poker Night
Additional options:

 HAPPY CRAFTING! -Mrs Major Hoff

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