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Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Mocha Lattes With 5 Tips For Thrifting!

How to make a dark and white chocolate mocha

Want a twist on the classic Mocha Latte? Kick things up by making a twist with a


Dark chocolate and white chocolate have never tasted better!
Learn how to make Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Mocha Lattes with this step by step tutorial. Who knew the recipe was so simple? #sponsored #CupForCrushingIt
     I am a coffee lover. If you’ve read my blog for a while or followed me on social media, it’s pretty obvious. I even met the Major while I was working in a local coffee shop. I’m forever amazed at how many of my friends are intimidated by the different choices and selections and flavors and names out there for coffee drinks. It turns out, y’all love my coffee recipes. I think demystifying them helps.

    Today I’m sharing how to make a classic dark mocha combined with another classic - the white mocha. I could drink both on their own. But there is something so alluring about having them together. It just feels decadent. These are my go to drinks when I’m going thrift shopping on a fall weekend with my friends. Want to talk about being a crowd favorite! Let me show you how easy it is to impress with such a luscious drink.

How to make a mocha

     The base of this drink is the classic mocha. I’m gonna share my biggest tip ever. Hot chocolate mix. Cocoa mix. It’s your best friend. It’s already formulated with the correct amount of sugar and chocolate. Most likely you have it in your pantry already! I wanted the taste of dark chocolate, so I opted for a mix that was dark chocolate vs. milk chocolate. For a regular sized cup, use 1 TBSP. Place it in the cup first. It helps with the mixing part.

White chocolate mocha

     Next, add in your white chocolate. Here’s the deal. It’s super hard to find white chocolate in cocoa mix, or even just any kind of powdered form. A white chocolate bar works perfectly fine for this. The trick is that you have to finely chop it into small pieces, or shave it into thin bits. I added a tablespoon of white chocolate bar next.

Coffee in a mocha recipe

     Next, pour in your coffee. Leave about 1/3rd of the cup empty. The trick is to use really hot coffee. You can use strong brewed coffee or espresso. I’m using a coffee press, so there is no fancy schmancy coffee maker required.

how to make a chocolate mocha

     Stir, Stir, Stir, and stir some more. Remember when I said to make sure the white chocolate was in tiny pieces? This is why. The hot coffee actually melts it. The smaller the pieces the quicker it melts. The hot coffee also distributes the cocoa powder. It’s a beautiful thing. It only takes about 30 seconds, but the result is epic. No one wants a clumpy mocha, so double check that everything is incorporated.

Steps to making a dark chocolate white chocolate mocha

     Finally, top of with your warmed cream or milk. This is part of what gives a mocha it’s creaminess. As you become more adept at making lattes and mochas, you can adjust accordingly. Some days I want more coffee flavor, so I’ll use a bit more coffee, some days I want more milk, and so I go that way. It’s up to your whim that day!

white chocolate and dark chocolate mocha

     Finally, for the ultimate coffee house experience, top with whipped cream, more shaved white chocolate and a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

mocha recipe

     It’s so impressive looking, and it was really not that much work. Talk about impressing your friends! Who wouldn’t love to see that in their coffee cup!

Mocha recipe made easy

     The best part— this was really the recipe for 3 drinks! Think about it.

1. The twisted dark chocolate white chocolate mocha.
2. Skip the white chocolate and double the dark chocolate - the classic mocha.
3. Skip the dark chocolate and double the white chocolate - the classic white mocha.

     Remember I mentioned that I love to make these for my friends when we go thrifting on the weekends? The first time I did it, I remember thinking, “this is a horrible idea! I will have to wash 4 travel tumblers after they’ve sat in a hot car for hours”!

     The last thing I want to do is unscrew that lid and see the remains! But my friends need coffee and so do I!  Luckily, Dixie has come to our rescue with Dixie® To Go Cups. Hallelujah! Thrifting just got 100 times better!

Dixie To Go cups

    The cups are 12 ounces which is the perfect size for a mocha! (See how it was the same size as the mug I created the recipe in?).  It’s just as easy to recreate this recipe in the Dixie® To Go Cups!

insulated dixie to go cup with lid

The cups can be bought in a package of 14 or 30 and the best part— it includes the leak resistant lids!!! No need to worry about coffee spills!

Dixie cups for thrifting

    The cups are also insulated so you can keep your beverage warm, but not have to worry about burning your hands!

Crush your morning coffee with Dixie

    When you crush your morning coffee with Dixie® To Go Cups the only thing you need to worry about when antique shopping is if your shoes are comfy enough to withstand the day! The beautiful area in my pictures is all taken from Bird's Nest Antique & Vintage Shop. They usually have a booth at area markets and have a brick and mortar store in Bryan, Texas.

Turqouise at the antiques market

     It’s one less dish to wash when you get home! No effort + No clean up = more time doing things I’d rather be doing!

     I love that Dixie’s motto for this campaign is “Crushing It”. One of the things I feel I can “crush” pretty well is thrifting!

My top 5 tips for thrifting:

  1.  Shop with Friends! 
  2.  Set a budget. Stick to it. But be a bit flexible. I have a budget for what I’m willing to pay for items, with the exception of cake stands. If I really really really really love it, I’m willing to go a bit over it. By limiting my acceptable over budget funds to just cake stands, I resist going over on items I might not have loved as much. Unless it’s something truly rare, odds are you’ll come across it again.
  3. Pack extra blankets and bungee cords. You never know what you might need to tie down.
  4.  Be willing to bargain with dealers, but don’t be insulting. If they won’t play the game, that’s okay too. It never hurts to ask. 
  5. Bring an umbrella, sun screen, rain boots and a sense of humor! You never know what the weather might bring!
    **Bonus Tips: Ask around. Your fellow customers will be very helpful. Find out where they found that amazing olive bucket, or whose tent had the best deals. Be friendly to your fellow shoppers. You never know who you might have to arm wrestle later in the day for that prized punch bowl!

     My all around Lifetime “Crushing Life” hint— learn to make a good cup of coffee. It comes in handy. It can brighten a day, fill a sweet craving, give endurance on a long wait — the list is endless.

Crush Life with a good cup of java

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  1. Sara, this looks sooo yummy! Wish we could go thrifting together. :) Btw... Love your coffee press. Love ya girl!<3

  2. I have some of those Dixe travel cups, I use them when I don't want to carry my fancy travel mug around after I finish my coffee.Thanks for sharing

    1. They are so handy! Glad you like them too!

  3. Oh yummy, that's my kind of drink! I love it!

    1. Thanks so much - chocolate in a cup. What's not to love ;)


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