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Easy Cafe Mochas For A Crowd

Need to serve serve cafe mochas? Easy tutorial for brewing for a crowd!

Have a group of people visiting for breakfast?
Knock their socks off with this easy peasy recipe for

Cafe Mochas For A Crowd

Brew your own Cafe Mochas in your coffee pot! Simple recipe shows how to wow your guests and channel your inner barista! #PerfectCoffeeAtHome #ad
   It turns out that you all love coffee as much as I do. My drink recipes are some of my most popular posts. You also love easy recipes, and recipes that serve a crowd. One summer, I shared this recipe for Vanilla Lattes For a Crowd and you adored it. Now that the weather is chilly, I thought I would share with you how easy it can be to make mocha lattes for a group of people. To make it even easier, I’m showing how to make it in your own coffee maker. I’m showcasing my BUNN HB Coffee Maker which is one of my favorite things this holiday season!

Chocolate Whipped cream on cafe mocha

I’ve added a topping of chocolate whipped cream to make this the ultimate decadent breakfast drink.

make cafe mochas for a crowd

Depending on your cup size, you can get several cups to serve your guests. Or you can drink the whole pot yourself. I won’t judge you!

Chocolate cocoa mix in a coffee pot

Start by placing 1 cup of chocolate cocoa mix directly into your carafe. It seems scandalous to do this, but it works perfectly. I find it easier than trying to mix the cocoa in later.

Coffee in a filter

For my ratio, I added 6 TBSP’s of coffee to my coffee filter. The BUNN HB Coffee Maker uses a round coffee filter to maximize exposure of hot water to coffee grounds.

add water to BUNN coffee pot

Next, add the water to your coffee pot. I love that the BUNN HB Coffee Maker clearly marks the steps for the water, making it easy to see how much you are adding in. I filled mine just above the 6 cup marker. Since I’m adding warm milk later, I didn’t want the carafe to fill to the top.

Brewing coffee!

Place your carafe in place, and press the BREW Button.

Brewing in a BUNN HB Coffee Maker

Watch the magic happen!

Stir the cocoa in the coffee

Once the BUNN HB Coffee Maker is done brewing, stir the remaining bits of cocoa to ensure even distribution.

Warm milk to coffee with mocha mix

Stir in 2 cups of warmed milk (I microwave mine).

Serving mochas to a large group

Prepare your cups, and do one last stir.

mocha in a coffeepot

Pour into your coffee mug! I absolutely love the no drip carafe!

how to Make a mocha in a coffeepot

Look at all that velvety chocolate coffee goodness!

Chocolate Whipped Cream Chocolate Mocha Coffee

Wow your guests by topping with chocolate whipped cream and placing a pirouline cream filled wafer off to the side.

Mochas for a crowd!

Doesn’t that just look fabulous?

Chocolate whipped cream on a coffee drink

I adore chocolate whipped cream! It’s one of my favorites!

easy chocolate mocha recipe for guests

The only downside is how quickly it melts! Drink up my friends!

Have you ever considered using your coffee maker in an unconventional way? Give these mochas a try!

BUNN HB Coffee Maker

I know my lovely loyal readers know I’m a big fan of coffee. What you probably didn’t know was that at one point, my husband and I had 6 coffee machines in our kitchen. We are big coffee snobs, and we BOTH have our favorite things that we look for in a machine.

The excellent news is that the BUNN HB Coffee Maker has not just pleased one of us, but has actually wowed BOTH of us!

I was familiar with the BUNN company name, having worked in restaurants in the past, and growing up nearby their headquarters in Springfield, IL. You often see them in coffee shops and restaurants, but thankfully, they also offer machines for the home brewers that want to channel their inner barista.

Several things make the BUNN HB Coffee Maker stand out from other machines. My favorite qualities are below!
  • The BUNN HB Coffee Maker is a professional grade brewing system made for home brewers for coffeehouse quality
  • BUNN’s unique trademarked Heat and Release Technology™ ensures that the water is fully heated to the ideal temperature before it is allowed to touch the coffee beans.
  • The BUNN HB Coffee Maker is easy to use, can be set on a timer, and keeps your carafe warm for 2 hours
  • The carafe has a no spill feature, so I’m wiping my counters less!
  • BUNN’s Brewing Process is one of only 10 coffeemakers that meet The Speciality Coffee Association of America's (SCAA) professional standards. 
  • Personally in my opinion, it produces one of the smoothest, hot, perfect cups of coffee I’ve ever had.
The BUNN HB Coffee Maker seen here is available exclusively from Williams - Sonoma, and can be found in store, online or in their catalog. It is sure to be a hit this holiday season!

 Brew your own Cafe Mochas in your coffee pot! Simple recipe shows how to wow your guests and channel your inner barista! #PerfectCoffeeAtHome #ad

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