2017 New Year - Fresh Start. Cleaning and organizing made easy! - Major Hoff Takes A Wife

2017 New Year - Fresh Start. Cleaning and organizing made easy!

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Did you see this offer?

This is the best one I have ever seen Grove Collaborative offer and I don’t want any of my lovely readers to miss out! 

Read how you can get all these items picture below for FREE!
 Yes, FREE! But there is a limited quantity and this bundle is only offered for a short time!

2017 New Year New Start Mrs. Meyers's Cleaning Bundle from Grove Collaborative.

    A few months ago, when I was sharing some of my favorite things with you, I shared my love for all things Mrs Meyers and Grove Collaborative. I’ve used Mrs. Meyer’s products as my primary cleaning brand for several years now, and they have always left me more than happy. After sometimes having a hard time finding seasonal scents in stores, I switched to home delivery with Grove Collaborative. I never miss out on a seasonal scent now! And let me tell you, nothing spurs me into a cleaning frenzy like a brand new amazing scent. I don’t know what it is, but when a new bottle shows up, I can not wait to use it. I consider it a “little treat” to myself for all that hard work. I’m rewarded with an amazing smelling house, and having something new just really gets me motivated. Every few months, Grove Collaborative sets up a bundle to introduce new customers to their company. They are always so fun, and I always look forward to seeing what they have picked.

     The 2017 New Year Fresh Start bundle blew.me.away. I can’t get over this bundle. The fact that you can get these items (A $40 Value!!!)  for free— the icing on the cake. So let’s check out the bundle:

For those of you who are already loyal Grove Collaborative customers, they are giving you a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap with your next purchase!

 2017 New Year New Start Mrs. Meyers's Cleaning Bundle from Grove Collaborative.

     Grove Collaborative is set up as a delivery service. You pick how often you want items delivered. You can set them to be delivered every month, every other month, every six months, etc. You can even change it so they are only sent when you want them to, like when you notice your bottle is almost empty and you need to order more. It’s up to you to customize it to your needs.

Mrs Meyers with cleaning caddy.

     Grove Collaborative also offers a VIP program that makes shipping your orders free. You’ll also receive goodies throughout the year when you’re a member. When you sign up for your New Year Fresh Start bundle, you’ll automatically be signed up for the FREE 60 day VIP trial. That means, you’ll get free shipping, free gifts, price matching and more for 60 days.

     You’ll get emails with helpful tidbits like this:

Deodorize Your Pots and Pans Post Holiday Dinner
If your cast-iron pan still smells like holiday dinner, pour some salt into it and use both halves of a cut lemon to rub the pan while squeezing the juice out. Let sit for about 5 minutes (too long will draw seasoning oils out). Wipe clean 
with a paper towel and follow with a coat of oil.

Mrs Meyers Clean Day

    Are you a Grove Collaborative member too? What’s your favorite Mrs. Meyers scent?

*Please note that Grove Collaborative does not currently ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska
Offer is good until supplies last, or until 17 January 2017.

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