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Love The Journey Printable

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     Spring has reached Texas. A few weeks ago, I planted my pots with flowers, and they are starting to really bloom. This time last year, I put a spring wreath out on the door and called it done. My planters were empty. It was just one more thing I couldn’t deal with. The surgeon had told me that my surgery was successful and that I just needed to see a headache specialist to find a good combo of medicines. I put my planters, my landscaping, any DIY projects, all my crafts  and pretty much everything else on the back burner.

     Oh what a difference a year makes! People ask me a lot on how I’m doing. To be honest, I still have bad days, but they are few and far between. I had a rough patch at the end of the winter. One issue I have is with how the brain swelling is affecting my thyroid medicine. Juggling my dose will be the norm for the next few months as things begin to “settle”. There are some days that I am just flat out exhausted. I remind myself constantly that I’m still not even a year out from my second brain surgery, and that it’s okay to have a lazy day here and there.

    The good news is that I’m seeing the upside of this battle. I’ve crested the hill and things are headed in the right direction. I’m so excited for this spring, and this summer. I’m looking forward to planning projects, to getting some crafting in and taking a fun vacation or two. Don’t get me wrong though, as excited as I am to be on the upside, I’m appreciative for the low times. It has given me a new outlook. A fresh perspective. An incredible gratitude to enjoying the little things, like planters with spring flowers spilling over the edge.

Wente Wines Enjoy The Journey Major Hoff Takes A Wife 4

    I was so thrilled when Wente Vineyards reached out to me about their new campaign “Love of the Journey”.  I decided to spend a nice Spring evening outside, next to my planters. With a mason jar of fresh daisies, cheese, crackers and olives, a nice bottle of wine— our alfresco snack in the evening was just lovely.

Wente Wines Enjoy The Journey Major Hoff Takes A Wife 1

     I picked the Riva Ranch Chardonnay as it’s from Monterey. Monterey is special to us, since Major Hoff and I were married there in 1999. I love a good California Chardonnay, and this one is on my list of favorites.

Wente Wines Enjoy The Journey Major Hoff Takes A Wife 6

Wente Vineyards has several white wines that are perfect for sipping on spring nights.
I had a hard time just settling on one!

Wente Wines Enjoy The Journey Major Hoff Takes A Wife 5

     Grabbing a cheese dip and olives from the deli department at my local grocery store made this easy breezy.

Wente Wines Enjoy The Journey Major Hoff Takes A Wife 8

    I enjoyed this so much that I’ve decided the hubs and I need to sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine together weekly. I think it would be a great start to our Spring.

Wente Wines Enjoy The Journey Major Hoff Takes A Wife 7

     I’m so glad that I discovered Wente Vineyards. They are America’s oldest continuously operated family-owned winery. In fact, they date back more than 130 years and five generations! As a family history buff, I know this is no small feat! Learn more about Wente Vineyards, their Fresh Spring Wines and more by clicking HERE. Their rich heritage, pioneering history and family legacy it’s part of their journey - what’s yours?

     Be sure to print your free “Love The Journey Printable" by clicking HERE.

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