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Summer Patio Must Haves!

This post is sponsored by World Market and all opinions are my own.

The Summer Patio Must - Have's 

for your outdoor seating area AND your outdoor dining area. 

You won't believe the total price on ALL these items! 
Summer Must Have's from World Market. Everything you need for a seating area and outdoor dining area! #AD #worldmarkettribe #discoverWorldMarket

     It is quite possible that this post might blow your mind. I can’t believe it myself. Because I’m about to tell you how you can do your entire patio with both a seating & dining area for under $500 (Memorial Day Weekend only!). That’s right, EVERYTHING you see above can be yours for under $500! I’m still in shock to be honest. I had decided to come up with a design for my back patio and thought I’d make a mood board. But when I found out about the IN STORE ONLY deal going on at World Market, I knew I had to share the whole thing for someone starting from scratch. You’re going to want to run to World Market as fast as you can!

     Okay, so how does one come up with this? I'm going to show you how to use an in store only coupon to get this amazing deal!

     Let’s do a little math, and break it into a few sections.

     Let’s start with the essentials:
     Most people who have a patio like to divide it in 2 to have an area for outdoor dining and a seating area. For the seating area you need chairs and coffee tables, maybe a bench. For the dining area you need a large table, and some seats for your friends. So in comes these 2 amazing bargain sets sold by World Market.

Belize Outdoor Seating

The Belize outdoor seating collection gives you everything you need to start out: 2 chairs, a bench, a coffee table and the cushions.

San Pedro outdoor table set

The San Pedro outdoor dining set provides 2 benches and a table perfect for meals el fresco!
For the seating area, I wanted to add a lot of pops of color. I love that once you have the essentials, you can mix this up however you want!

For a big impact, I picked the multicolor geo flatweave indoor / outdoor rug. It is just shy of 5’ x 7’ so it’s an incredible bargain for it’s size. Plus the aqua color gets me every time!

 multicolor geo indoor outdoor rug

Now that we have a main color scheme of aqua and green, let’s add more pops of color with some throw pillows. I started with the outdoor palm pillow as my main one, and added some others that coordinated:

outdoor palm pillow

And since we have those pesky bugs in Texas, I wanted a citronella candle to go on the coffee table. I picked this one:

citronella ombre candle

For the dining area, I just needed a few more things.

I thought a colorful table runner would go a long way, and I like the way the jungle fruit table runner played off the colors of the rug.

jungle fruit table runner

I also have a thing for table lanterns and love to use them as centerpieces. I would go for a large and a small set of the teardrop lanterns because they are so stinking cute and very affordable. I could see myself using them year round in other areas of my house.

green teardrop lanterns

I also love the look of the mini colored glass Raya tabletop lantern and like the thought of this mixed with the teardrop lanterns.

67809 XXX v2

Here’s a picture of it all together:
Summer Must Have's from World Market. Everything you need for a seating area and outdoor dining area! #AD #worldmarkettribe #discoverWorldMarket

The complete list of items:

The Belize outdoor seating collection $199.99
San Pedro Outdoor Dining Set Sale price: $199.99
multicolor geo flatweave indoor / outdoor rug Sale price: $44.99
outdoor palm pillow Sale price: $17.49
18“ green outdoor throw pillow (also available in the teal color in pin)  Sale price: $14.99 x 2
18” outdoor palm lumbar pillow $18.89 x 2
 Ombre citronella candle $9.99
Jungle fruit table runner Sale price: $17.49
Green Tear Drop Lanterns Large Sale Price: $5.99   |  Set of 2 small Sale price: $4.48
mini colored glass Raya tabletop lantern Sale Price: $7.49

So let’s do a little math on all these items:

The essentials come to $399.98.

The seating add on’s: rug, outdoor palm pillow + 2 lumbar pillows + 2 solid pillows and the citronella candle come to: $144.23

The dining add on’s : table runner and lanterns come to $35.45

The grand total: $579.66. 

Yes, you are good at math and that is over the $500 I told you in the beginning.

BUT WAIT! There is more!

Remember I told you- World Market has a coupon for Memorial Day weekend that is ONLY good in store. It’s for 20% off. So let’s break that down.

$579.66 -20% ($115.93) = $463.73

WOW! That is amazing!

This is the price for Memorial Day weekend only, so the coupon expires at the close of day on the 29th of May. To get this wonderful deal, you HAVE to shop in store! I can’t think of a better way to kick off the summer then getting your deck area set to go! You’re not just knocking out one area but 2! Imagine that - a whole dining set, a seating area and the accessories for UNDER $500?!!!


Please remember, this deal is only available when you pick up a coupon for 20% off. These coupons can only be found in stores, and only used in stores (not online). There are some fine print details that you can see on the coupon (store that are closing, food items, etc, but the items I've listed should qualify).

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know I love to utilize my back porch for parties and BBQ’s. In fact, I just posted last week about my new favorite BBQ recipe! The best part about this sale is that the pieces I picked match the outdoor dishes I purchased a few weeks ago at my local World Market.

Me and the workers there are like BFF’s now. I’m a regular shopper, popping in each week to replenish my coffee and chocolate stashes. If you are unsure of where your closest store is, simply click here to find yours!

Maybe aqua and green are not the color schemes for you. That’s okay! World Market has plenty of other color ways to pick from. You can see the whole outdoor collection HERE.

Cool shades 1200

Maybe you’re not a natural designer either. They’ve got you covered! You will be amazed by the ideas presented in the Outdoor Guide.

No matter what you choose-- you're getting an incredible bargain with this coupon combined with the summer sales! Leave me a comment and let me know what you are going to buy or what your favorite item its! Don't forget to pin for later!

Summer Must Have's from World Market. Everything you need for a seating area and outdoor dining area! #AD #worldmarkettribe #discoverWorldMarket

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