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Air Boat Tours With Wild Florida

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     If you saw my post earlier on a girls weekend trip to Orlando, then you know I mentioned our adventurous air boat ride with Wild Florida. I told you it deserved a stand alone post, and boy does it! This post is also picture heavy, but I was so in love with all of them… was too hard to narrow down all of them! When we first decided on our trip, one thing we researched was airboat tours in the Orlando area. After checking a few things, we decided on Wild Florida.

Wild Florida Air Boat Tours. Incredible air boat tour near Orlando, Florida. Bird watchers, alligator spotters and families are left in awe! Florida Travel | Florida Wildlife | Air Boat Tours

So why is Wild Florida 

the BEST air boat tour

 near Orlando?

  • Wild Florida is in close proximity to Orlando, the perfect distance for traveling families
  • It is located on Cypress Lake, at the headwaters of the Everglades. 
  • Cypress Lake has no houses or developments, which means it’s a pure eco-tour. 
  • Wild Florida offers air boat tours AND Ranch Buggy Tours, a sightseeing pier, a swamp walk and nature trails.
  • Located on site is a wildlife & gator park, a bird aviary, an alligator pond and over 200 animals!
  • Families can eat on site at a BBQ restaurant, grab ice cream cones, and also pick up snacks at their eclectic gift shop.
  • Wild Florida also offers animal encounters with sloths, lemurs, and porcupines!

Wild Florida Air Boat Tours

     Wild Florida provides an incredible Everglades experience but also focuses on conservation and education. In addition to the air boat rides, Wild Florida offers a gator and wildlife park. I personally feel in love with this guy:

Wild Florida Gator and Wildlife Park Peacock

Peacock Wild Florida

    The tour guides love to tell you about the complex Florida ecosystem. For instance, I had no idea that ranches with cows are HUGE in Florida. In fact, Florida boasts the 10th largest beef cattle operation in the nation! This was news for this Texan. You can even see the cattle grazing right in the area! Good news, alligators do not target them because they are large.

Cattle Wild Florida

    If you’d like to learn more about the cattle industry, then the Ranch Buggy Tour is perfect for you!
We picked a morning airboat ride, as I’d read that was the best for alligator spotting. We were not disappointed!

alligator Wild Florida Air Boat Tour

     We saw big guys like this one and little ones like this fella:

alligator air boat tour around Orlando
    We even pulled up next to a mama alligator and a whole slew of babies! She made an unforgettable noise when the boat came near.
    As much as I loved seeing the alligators, I was in awe of the birds. I saw so many species, it was a bird watchers paradise!

bird watchers paradise wild florida

bird watching around Orlando

    This guy. WOW. I mean, it doesn’t get more regal than that!

Bird Watching Tour Florida Everglades

    I love Great Blue Herons. I never tire of seeing them!

    Sometimes people spot Bald Eagles, but we had no luck on our day! That’s okay! There were plenty of others!

Bird watching on an airboat tour

This guy cracks me up. Makes me think he has “a case of the Mondays”.

Sand Hill Cranes Florida

Sand Hill Cranes in the Everglades

Roseate Spoonbill in Flight

     We even caught a single Roseate Spoonbill in flight! I love their spoon beaks, and the pink pop of color is amazing!

alligator spotting Wild Florida

     I was truly amazed at our boat ride. The number of animals spotted was incredible, and the ride was actually very smooth. I was worried about any jarring, but there was none. They also provide hearing protection, as it does get a bit loud when the boats are moving quickly. Our tour guide would stop the motor often to allow us to hear his commentary, point out animals and give us a few minutes to take in the scene.

scenic air boat tour full of bird sightings

    The scenery was spectacular!

     I’ve decided that I must make time for encounters with wildlife on my future trips. They never disappoint! I can't wait to bring my kiddos back to experience Wild Florida! Have you ever done an air boat tour? I’d love to hear about it! Drop me a comment below!

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Happy Travels my friends!

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