Cranberry Crush : A Cranberry Recipe Collection - Major Hoff Takes A Wife

Cranberry Crush : A Cranberry Recipe Collection

Cranberry Crush : A recipe Collection by Major Hoff Takes A Wife. 10+ of your favorite cranberry recipes from Mrs Major Hoff

Yes, it's true. I'm a huge fan of cranberries. Nothing says Fall or Holidays like this little berry. How can something so small be so bold and bright? I started with my simple make ahead cranberry sauce recipe and it spiraled from there. It started going crazy on Pinterest, and the comments flooded in. It never gets old to hear, "I just love your cranberry sauce!". I realized that there are others out there just like me that love cranberries. I dedicated a whole week to my cranberry crush, and have organized all the links right here to make it easier for you to find them. Enjoy!




Make Ahead Cranberry Sauce                                        Cranberry Apple Ginger Pancakes




Cranberry Fluff Ice Box Cake                                     Vanilla Cake With Cranberry Apple Compote

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