Hack a Walmart wreath for Christmas!

Add Christmas ornaments to a Walmart wreath as an easy way to DIY a wreath for the holiday season.  Removable so your wreath can hang on your front door all winter long! Fantastic hack to know!

Gather your supplies! You will need ornaments, craft sticks and a glue gun plus the wreath!

Step 1

Don't forget the ornaments! Older ones missing their top caps are ideal!

Step 2

Use pieces of another craft stick to glue wood sticks together

Step 3

Determine your angles for gluing the sticks together.

Step 4

 Hot glue your ornaments down onto the wood sticks.

Step 5

To fill in gaps, weave in wired greenery garland, or add smaller ornaments. Use a focal point ornament too!

Step 6

Use floral wire to attach to the wreath form. Weave between the sticks and twist behind the wreath!

Step 7

Hang and enjoy! When Christmas is over, simply remove the ornament portion! Two wreaths for the cost of one!

Step 8


Don't forget the detailed step by steps

See the coordinating decor on the front porch!

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