Old Fashioned Raspberry Cranberry Jello Salad Recipe

Nothing shines on a holiday table like a stunning raspberry cranberry jello salad!  This vintage inspired recipe is made with just a few simple ingredients and no mayo, sour cream or pineapple. 

Raspberry jello Cranberry Jello Pink lemonade concentrate vanilla ice cream whole berry cranberry sauce frozen raspberries Optional: Whipped cream Walnuts or pecans

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Boiling water is the key to this step

Dissolve the jello

The recipe calls for only 1/2 the can so you will have some left for drinks!

Add the lemonade

Softening the ice cream for about an hour in the fridge before preparing makes it mix in much smoother.

Stir in ice cream

You can use whole berry canned or homemade!

Add cranberry sauce

Partially thawed frozen raspberries help the jello set up quickly. 

Mix in raspberries

Spray again with nonstick spray! You don't want anything to stick!

Spray your mold

Place your jello mixture into a sprayed bundt pan, casserole dish or even vintage jello molds.

Transfer into pan

A warm water bath dunk before inverting onto a platter is helpful. See more tips by clicking the link below.

Release after it has set

Removing a jello salad from a mold can be intimidating but also very rewarding! SUCCESS!!!

Give yourself a high 5

Use individual molds for a fun presentation

*Actual recipe prep time is less than 15 minutes *Can be made ahead of time *recipe is full of tips and tricks *Naturally Gluten Free

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