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How to clean toothpaste stuck in your sink with no harsh chemicals or smelly disinfectant wipes

My four boys have beautiful teeth. They brush them every night in the bathroom they share (click here to see their Pottery Barn inspired Bath I blogged about earlier this year). Dentist appointments have been cavity free. But I'm not sure why. Because in all honesty, I'm wondering what they are brushing their teeth with. Because after they have done their nightly routines, this is what is left in the sink
Tooth paste sink
LOVELY isn't it? This could also be why we go through a tube a week!

So a few years ago, I was getting really frustrated. Paper towels just don't do the trick. They seem to smear the toothpaste around.  Lysol wipes were better, but so smelly and they bothered my asthma.  Forget about using damp toilet paper. It just falls apart and makes a huge mess. Then one day I had an epiphany!
Baby wipes clean sink

Yes, baby wipes. I figured if they are soft enough for a baby's butt, then they won't hurt my sink. The beauty is you can scrub with them and they don't fall apart. They don't seem to smear the toothpaste either. It usually takes me two wipes for a job like the one above. The first wipe I use to pick off all those globs and scrub the sink a bit. The second one scrubs any residue  and buffs the sink. You can rinse them out in the water and they last will hold up to a lot of scrubbing. Wipes are inexpensive. I can usually buy a pack for around a dollar and they last a long time in the bathroom. I moved mine out of the wipes box and just folded them in half and shoved them in an old lysol container. They pull out one by one and seem to stay moist in that container more than the other. If they have dried out, just add a bit of water. Good as new. Just like the sink! Here's an after after 2 wipes and about a minute or work
The best part is that most mommies already have wipes on hand! Do you use wipes for anything besides a baby's tushie? Any handy tips for getting my kiddos to stop wasting toothpaste? 


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