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Remove paint from door hinges easily and simply. No chemicals needed!

     We bought our house brand new, straight from the builder. Apparently the painters our builder used didn't waste their time surfing Pinterest. Otherwise they would have known about this clever little trick! Granted, our house is 5 years old now and pinterest or the post from UglyDucklingHouse didn't exist, but hey, these were professional painters people! Anyhow, in case you are painting doors (or hiring someone to do so) please share this tip! 

Anyhow, our interior doors for the most part were done correctly. The painters had painted over the hinges on our back door, front door, and the door going to the garage. Here are a few pics of their stellar job. 

Please notice the beadboard wall I'm building next to it. Blood, sweat and tears--It will be shared in the next few days.
Are those not the most awesome WHITE hinges Ever???
Here's the thing. We paid for those brushed nickel hinges. And brushed nickel hinges ye shall have!
Here's what you need:

 I found this solution online a year or two ago, and sadly I don't remember the source. I've modified it a bit, but the main supply is the same:
1. Magic Eraser (the original works better), I'm using another brand cause I had it on hand
2. Pampered chef plastic scraper. You can buy them separately or they come with a stone purchase. Great, because they don't scratch!
3. Toothpicks (for getting in those tiny creases)
4. A beverage. Mine is of the adult persuasion, so I cropped it out. 
5. ELBOW GREASE! Get ready for a bunch of scrubbing! I also kept a bucket next to me to rinse the eraser out.
Much better, huh? It looks like a few specks remain, but that is actually the flash off my camera reflecting in the awesome brushed nickel finish.
Hope this helps somebody else out!
You'll get better pics of the finished hinges when the finished wall pics go up! 



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  2. Do you think this would work on hinges with years of old paint buildup? All the other things I've read say you have to remove the hinges and boil/soak them. I would love to clean mine without having to remove the door. Thanks!

    1. Heather, I would try it. It's inexpensive and shouldn't cause any damage. It might take a little more elbow grease to get through the layers. Just try one in an inconspicuous spot. I sort of wet mine lightly with the magic eraser and let it sit for a few minutes to try to soften it up a bit. Be sure to let me know how it works for you!

  3. I find your article really interesting and well written. Thank you for sharing <3

  4. Your tip is amazing. So easy and fast. Thanks for sharing I will definitely use it and will share it with my friends as well.

  5. thanks for this information I'm going to try it

  6. thanks for this information I'm going to try it

  7. What else could be used in place of the pampered chef scraper do you think? I don't have one of those and I really want to try this. I just painted the doors in my house and there is some paint on the hinges.

    1. Hi Aleah! It's just a piece of plastic, I'm trying to think of an alternative. I know I have larger ones in my drawer, that are for icing the sides of a cake, or for scraping out a bowl. Or for dough. I like the size of the small pampered chef one. You could try a plastic putty knife from the hardware store as well. If you just recently painted, I'm guessing the magic eraser might do the trick on it's own. Let me know how it goes!


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