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My Old Sewing Studio

I'm so excited to be a part of this blog hop! I love seeing where people create, and I hope you enjoy this tour of my old studio.
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Yes, the title says the "Old Sewing Studio". This was my studio that I used several years ago while I was selling on Etsy under the name "GrantziePantz". My shop is still there, but I no longer do the sewing that I used to. Since I have transitioned from sewing to more general crafts and blogging, I decided a change was in order. Which meant the "Great Room Swap of 2013". Yes, it's been that long. And yes, my "new studio" is far from completed. I'm hoping it will be much more warm and cheerful, more organized, and more "my space". Don't get me wrong, my old studio was all---my space. But it was set up to sew as a business and so although sewing was at my fingertips, not much else was.
Bernina Serger in Sewing studio
My Bernina Serger. She is a workhorse. Also a overstitch machine. It was an investment, but I'm so glad I bought her

My sewing room when we first moved into this house was in the largest bedroom. I felt guilty about it, and moved it to here--the smallest bedroom (it's now of course back in the biggest room, LOL). Sewing for me was therapeutic. We had moved 2500 miles away, I had just had my 4th child, my thyroid was going crazy, and frankly so was I. Every night, when the insomnia crept in, I hid in my sewing room. I would sew until all hours of the night. It was a welcome relief to the thoughts of worry and anxiety that filled my head at night. I would work until my eyes would hold themselves open no more, and finally give in to the rest I needed. 

Sewing Studio Grantzie Pantz Designs
The basic layout of my studio at the time. A table flanked by 2 bookshelves, holding fabrics galore. My ironing board agains the window, the cutting table on the opposite wall. The large kitchen table held my embroidery machine, my sewing machine and my serger. Since then, I have acquired another serger & machine.
The white toy box below the table holds scraps.

Fabric Stash GrantziePantz Studio
A peek into my stash at the time. Lots of Sandi Henderson (Farmers Market is still my favorite), some Patty Young, and a few imports.
Janome 9500 in sewing room
My trusty Janome. This girl has been with me since 2003 or so. She is worth her weight in gold. 
Longaberger wrought iron stand with fabric strips
I sold Longaberger baskets for years, and my sewing studio housed a bunch of them. In the top basket are strips ready to piece into a quilt. The top two held notions and the bottom held books, magazines and manuals.
Little bookcase for sewing patterns
A small shelf held patterns, notions, serger thread and an extra iron. The top had my postal scale which was handy for my Etsy store!
Collapsable Cutting table
The cutting table here was collapsable but was pretty much always up. Projects ready to sew in the bins, lots of sewing gadgets in the baskets and rulers galore. I wear the apron when sewing, and the lanyard keeps my small sewing scissors around my neck so I don't lose them.
After about a year, I did replace the cutting table with this double duty cutting/ironing board. I shot the pictures in the playroom at the time.
double duty cutting ironing sewing table 
Dress form bulletin board
A spot in the corner had a mannequin for Etsy pictures, business cards in a basket, a cork board for swatches and a chalkboard for current orders.
It wasn't the most glamorous room, but it certainly functioned well. Today I dream of a studio that is painted and pretty, with decorator touches in every corner. This room certainly wasn't the warmest coziest room, but in it I was able to sew the baby blues away. I found joy in creating new things, things that couldn't be destroyed. After a day or endless dishes, laundry and diaper changes, and doing it all over again---it was nice to make something and know the job was done. I made boutique outfits galore, sewed for the girls I would never have, made burial gowns for precious babies who were angels too soon, and warmed people's homes with quilts. I'm excited to see what is in store for the new "crafting space". 
Here is a picture collage of a sampling of the boutique outfits I created. 
The pictures are taken by the fabulous Kari Bruck Photography  
Kari Bruck Photography GrantziePantz Desgins
A quilt, one of many that graced the studio...
Sandi Henderson Amy Butler Quick Baby Quilt
A Baby Burial Gown that I sewed in tears for my friend's precious daughter (Sadly, also not the last)
Catherine s Angel Gown
And one more look back of the studio……..
Sewing Studio Grantzie Pantz Designs

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As always, thanks for stopping by! Please leave comments and tell me about your craft space. If you could design your dream space--what would it have?


  1. Love this Sara! Totally jealous of those amazing sewing machines!

    1. Thanks Angie. I am not typically a "Spender" but for some reason I have "invested" in sewing machines. LOL

  2. I wish you lived closer!!! I could use some sewing lessons! I have a machine and I'm afraid it's going to break me...I won't break it--it's old and it's solid (as in, almost broke a shelf in a closet I had it in once)!

    - Brooke -

    1. Just make sure you do regular maintenance and it will be your friend forever!

  3. I love fabric just as much as paper, but much to my Mom's dismay, I can only sew squares. Your room looked like the perfect space for what you needed!

    1. squares come together for a beautiful quilt :) Loved meeting you in person!

  4. I'm enjoying the tour! But I wanted to let you know that Carla's website appears to have been hacked. I got a blocked-threat message, and in addition, the linked page had an intro as though we were actually going on the tour, but then a mishmash paragraph full of keywords and garbage search strings. You might remove the link for now, and contact Carla about it.

  5. Hah--just realized Carla was the poster above me (I didn't actually read any comments!) Carla, run a security check!


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