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Easy to make Perler Bead Doctor Who Tardis Keychain

Doctor Who Tardis Keychain

Y’all. I told you. My kids LOVE Doctor Who. My 14 year old is obsessed and so is my 9 year old. We decided to have a bit of fun on a rainy day this past summer and make some Tardis shapes on a perler bead board. They loved them so much, but I didn’t want just another thing laying around the house. Enter the keychain idea! It was so easy to modify, and attaches to their backpack. Now they can show it to all their friends! I’m sharing the tutorial on how to make the Tardis Keychains with you, my fellow whovians!
Let’s get started! You only need a few colors of perler beads. We used a royal blue, a lighter blue, white and one black & one blue-green. The layout was simple.
Doctor Who Tardis made of Perler Beads
We made a chart first, and this was what we came up with after fiddling around and changing sizes a few times. I actually got the original idea to use perler beads after seeing Albion Gould’s Tardis Crossstitch Tardis.

Tardis cross stitch1
We made the keychain just like we would any perler bead projects, by ironing it together. We added the black bead at the top so we had a place to connect the keychain to. I did add just a hint of superglue on that one just in case a little friend might tug on it.
Easy Tardis Backpack keychain
To attach it to the keychain, I used 1 jump ring going through the black bead, and then another jump ring going through the first jump ring. The second jump ring easily went on a keyring.
Doctor Who keychain tutorial
My kiddos are so excited about these! What about you? Do you think your kiddos will make one?
Need more Doctor Who ideas? Here is a fun & easy to make birthday cake idea for any Whovian!
Doctor Who Tardis Cake with Fondant Police Box
                                       Tardis Birthday Cake
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Screen Shot 2014 08 23 at 1 57 25 PM
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  1. SO super cute!! (And what a great way to use those perler bead creations!) Thank you bunches for linking up and partying with us this week! Pinning this!


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